Thursday, February 08, 2007


Haa haa haa, like hell am I doing all that washing! Lisa tidied up their room and bathroom last night, and this is what greeted me this morning as I strolled down the hallway! I think it is about time those little shits learnt how to do the washing, cos I AM NOT DOING THEIRS ANYMORE! I reckon they havn't sent any washing down for about a month, and why the hell should I spend the next 3 hours doing it??? Now that is off me chest...

Today, kids to school then I am off to the Hair Salon for a touch up on me blonde bits....I havn't been to a hair salon in .. oh about 4 years! I have been going to friend's home where she has been doing it, but I'm ready to be pampered in a salon again.... I am really looking forward to it! So, maybe I get to the gym later on today, or maybe not, will have to wait and see how I feel later...

Thanks for all your kind comments yesterday, I'm not fussed if Griffin cries again today, I know that the best thing to do is just walk (or run!) away... he will eventually get over this behaviour.

Three and a half hours later... my hair is done, and I've had a lovely restful girlie morning! Walked home from the salon to find my vehicle gone??? Friggin teenagers have taken it, and I wanted to go into town to do a couple of jobs, and I don't want to go on me scooter and mess up me hair... lol !

Oh well, may have to go in tomorrow then. Now I'm having my lunch, then will hang out MY washing, do some vacuming and sort out dinner for the family. later...

Here's the "new" do, it's just like the last one, ha ha... just not much regrowth showing. Oh and they straightened it, so it's looking kinda ok at the moment. Wait till it gets wet, then it will curl and go crazy. Going to get the kids from school now, and my god it's hot out there! ...

Today's paper.... Our Griffin is the third from the front, leaning forward loving every minute of school. Humph ! And you can be sure I was NOT one of the "Teary Mums" waving goodbye to my new entrant !! Far from it, after getting 8 to school, there was not a tear in sight. lol...

YES ! I'm not the only twit in this family who goes swimming with electronic things in their pocket... Steve and Lisa went out to Foxton Beach for a romantic evening together, Steve went into the water and yikes !... he had the car keys and electronic alarm thingee in his pocket... result? Can't make the car go.... so Stew had to drive out there with the spare keys so they could get home again... DOH . hee hee
Having the usual evening, watched the latest version of The Biggest Loser, and am now watching Grey's Anatomy... am getting on the exercycle shortly too.
That's it for today, nite nite.


  1. Damn straight he won't be doing when you take him to high school!! Then he WILL care what other people think!! Have a great day sweetie, enjoy the pampering!

  2. Whoa....that washing pile! I would send them to the launderette to do their washing, I'm sure they will think twice in future before they leave it to just pile up like that while they are sitting there waiting for it to finish washing - OH! And make them pay to put it through the machines at the launderette......HA HA HA HAAAAA....*witchy laugh and rubbing hands together*....teehee

    OH NOOOO....IT'S SNOWING OVER HERE AGAIN....ARRRRGGGHHH.....*running around with arms up in the air* like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.

    Enjoy your kid free PEACEFUL day.

  3. Make sure you don't do that washing!!

    Love the photo of Griffin - aren't they so innocent when they are asleep. He will settle, our grandson didn't do the throwing up, but he had loads of other problems when he first started. Like you said - some kids hate being out of their routine and thrown into the unknown.

  4. Oh! By the way Chris, the only shopping malls that I can think of is Eldon Square which is in Newcastle and that we go to everytime we go to Newcastle and the other one which is a huge one and people come from other countries to the UK to go shopping at is the Metro Centre which is in Gateshead, just outside of Newcastle (about 17ish miles away from me) which we go to sometimes.

    Other malls are the Galleries in Washington (about 25ish miles away from me) also the Bridges in Sunderland (about 35ish miles away from me)

  5. You CAN'T do that washing - when I started year 7 (aged 12) my mum said to me I was old enough to do my own washing, and showed me how to use the machine, how to seperate colours and handwash and the best way to hang clothes out. At the time I thought it was very grown up and exciting, and loved the responsibility...but when I got to year 10 and she told me I now had to do my own IRONING, I was not happy. I just didn't do it. And my mother, although she admitted in later years it stressed her out, didn't blink. I even had a note written home from senior school about the state of my unironed uniform, and my mother went in with me to see Sr. June, and explained I was responsible for my own ironing! It really taught me responsbility!!! Let us know how you go, and DON'T CAVE IN!

  6. OMG, when I first read this post this morning, I had a quiet chuckle. Should have known better. Tonight son no. 3 turned up with 3 weeks washing. Lol what's a mum to do. I've still got a load in the dryer and one in the washer. One thing is for sure, you never stop being a mum no matter how old they get.

    Love the hair do by the way. You look the same as before.

  7. Don't want to sound rude, but boy you look to young to have all those kids. I read your blog and admire you and the amount you do in one day. I wish I had your organisational skills and I only have 3 kids. Your an amazing woman.

  8. Love the new hair hun!! It is nice to get pampered now and then aye.

    That washing pile would not be done by me that is for sure... OMG hun they should be doing their own or not having any clean clothes he he he

    Love CM


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