Sunday, February 11, 2007


Wow, another gorgeous day here! Todays plan: rearrange the kitchen in readiness for new fridge/freezer.... I am so excited! I havn't had a new fridge for 16 years! The last one I bought using the money I earnt from caring for a friend's wee baby, he was the same age as our Michael when I took him on all day (12 months). So I had 2 babies, 1 toddler and 4 primary aged kids for about 2 years. That was fun.

And, I am determined that this week is going to be better than the last, I'm going to up the exercise (hmmm), and try mixing my meals around, taking more care with portions, and drink more, much more!

What else today? Grocery shopping, oh joy. And, we saw in a "Cars for sale" magazine an advert for a little boat, kinda like a jetski, so cute! So, maybe we will go and take a look at one, they are in Foxton. That's where my title comes from "Dreaming today", as there is no way we can afford one at the moment, but we can dream eh? ... gotta have dreams.

Oh Sue! What a scream, how tall is your son? I don't think mine would fit in the fridge, even though they are not heavy guys, they are tall ! What brand is your fridge/freezer? Mine is a Westinghouse.... we already have a large Westinghouse upright freezer in the laundry, but it's just not big enough for everything, and once this new one arrives we will have 3 fridges and 2 freezers... hmmmm, will have to put one out in the shed for a teenager to have (if they ever leave home!). MORE dreaming...

Ok, we havn't had a chance to get out to Foxton to dream about the wee boat... that will have to be another day.

FOOD: I have been good so far today... had a bigger breakfast, and have made sure that I don't get hungry at all by having little bits and pieces during the day... small meals often is the plan today. And remember to use a much smaller dinner plate! Can't fit so much on a tiny plate eh? We are waiting for the boys to get back from golf so we can go grocery shopping....

This is the Zego I'm dreaming about, soooo cute! Like a jetski but you can sit or fish from the front, it can have 3 people on it... I'm dreaming for now...

I seem to be developing a new problem.... boredom in the evenings = eating. So I'm going to have to think of ways to counteract this tendency, but until I do, I'm buggering off to bed, it's the furtherest part of the house from the kitchen ! Might read in bed for an hour or so. nite nite


  1. Good to have dreams! Get Stew to take you to the cafe down at the beach while you are there.

    maybe the portion watching will help you this week.

  2. Ever seen the photo of my gorgeous fridge on my blog? Check this out

  3. Love the little boat... how cute is that... it looks small on the picture but to fit 3 people on it.. it is probably bigger than I imagine.

    I want to ride a jet ski... sigh one day it will happen.

    Love CM

  4. Anonymous10:03 PM

    i do the same at night!! arghhhhh !!! i really want sweet things too!!


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