Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Well, maybe you can't, but imagine the huge smile on me dial.... in 1 hour and 50 minutes I shall be walking away from school, having left B & G there for the whole day... BLISS.
I am starting my new routine today, kids to school, walk the dog, ride scooter to the gym, do my thing, go home and do the housework etc etc.

So, fingers crossed Griffin doesn't throw a huge hissy fit and scream and cry when I try to leave him....later...

BLOODY HELL.. he's sitting at the table crying already....won't eat his breakfast either... bugger bugger bugger...

Ok, got to school, Brylee settled into her new class no problem, but Griffin... well that's another story. He was like a limpet, clung to me and squarked like a banshee, so I did what I have had to do for months and left him with the teacher holding him tightly, and I RAN OUTTA THERE !!

I mean, I literally ran... picture a mad mother running away from her screaming kid... that was me!

And guess what Briony? 5 year olds don't give a shit what their mates think of them when they don't want to be at school! Griffin vomitted for 6 weeks every day in front of his mates when he started Kindergarten, he didn't give a shit. The teachers did though, so hopefully he didn't do that this morning... I wasn't staying long enough to find out... hee he.

I took the dog for a walk (in the rain) then went off to the gym, I am loving it.... the only thing I have to remember is I DON'T HAVE TO HURRY anymore, I have all day till 3 pm .... YES YES YES. Shame it's a short week and saturday and sunday will be here before I can really settle into my new routine. later...

Well, no one's rung me to come and get Griffin, so he must have been alright! I have to go and get them in a minute, today has been so lovely! Thanks for the suggestions Jules, I don't know that he's needing calming down tho, he is just a funny wee boy, likes his routines to be "just so" and does not take well to them being changed. We have had to drug him in the past just to make him sleep as he didn't sleep overnight till he was 2.5 years old! He hates the dark so sleeps with a bright light on all night, hates doors closed, is hyper active, and is a very bright boy. We love him to bits!
Well enough for now, better wander up to the school to get them... later..

The little shit! Seems he stopped crying within about 1 minute, here I was worried about him all day and he was having a ball.... I asked him what he thought of his new class and teacher and he said "Awesome" ! GRRRRR Brylee was less enthusiastic, but still had a good day overall.
So, god help him if he cries tomorrow is all I can say.

Dinner is done, and now I'm eating this delicious ice cream (100gms = 1 point) called Sheer Delight, with apple and rhubarb, so YUMMMM. I want to lick me plate! You can't see eh? heee heee
I shall leave you all tonight with this picture of our "Dude" asleep with his two teddies, aptly named "Ted" and ..... "Ted", ha ha ... he never goes to sleep without them. So cute.
Nite nite, and sorry today's entry is so bloody long!


  1. I find blackmail or bribery always works in these kind of situations!
    Chin up mate, once you leave him there you can forget about it for a few hours, visualise dropping him off and walking away - he'll be okay, nothing bad can happen to him except that he makes a dick of himself infront of the other kids! LOL. Hope it goes (or went)okay.

  2. The day you have been waiting for!!! I'm sure Griffin will settle down - no choice really.

    Well done on that loss - great work!

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM

    a quick good bye is the best kind of good bye!!!

    hope he settles for you

    glad to hear you are back into your routine!!!

  4. I'm so sorry but I couldn't help laughing. I so no the hassles involved in getting kids off to school on first days. It's not pretty and its a hair pulling excercise. But hopefully you will see the funny of side it - one day, very soon.

    The only way to deal with it is to drop off and walk away. Which is what you did. He'll certainly get over it faster than if he was pampered.

    BTW, I live in Rotorua, not Hams. We'll have to catch up if you get to come and do the touristy things on your list.

    Have a stress free day, and guess what - you get to do it all again tomorrow.

  5. Chris, go to the health shop and get some Bach Flower Rescue Rememdy and dose him up before school. Should help in the short term with calming him. Then sit down and email me his issues and i will try and suss out what Bach flowers would be good for his emotional state and we may just get somewhere. Trust me, it will work.

  6. How did the kids enjoy school????

    I hope you enjoyed your first 'kid free' day.

  7. Thanx for popping by my blog........ is very much appreciated :).You have done so well and you look fab..I will draw on you for inspiration

  8. I'm glad you didnt stay! the worse parents are the ones who stay for hours trying to calm them down - parent leaves, almost always child stops crying!
    Hope you enjoyed your day of peace! (bitch!)

  9. Anonymous8:03 PM

    glad to hear he was ok!! most children do that!! little monsters!!

  10. Hi
    Hartlepool....WooHoo well as I said in an earlier comment, I used to live in Stockton (Norton village) which is just literally down the road from Hartlepool.I now live just outside of Newcastle (I live 12 - 15ish mile away from Newcastle and about 40ish mile from Hartlepool)) oh we are hoping to get to Newcastle next week, I love that place....early in the morning that is to avoid the pushing and shoving, it only takes about 15 minutes to get to Newcastle.

    It is snowing here in the UK, got up to snow this mroning and apparently we are going to get about a 6" fall of the stuff...I hate it.

    I hope your friend enjoys her stay over here in the UK although a stupid thing to say actually, she is here for a funeral.

    Okay time to get my daily fix of diet coke....your blog.

  11. Oh! Sorry but I forgot to say, I wish you were over here in the UK also, I think we would have had such a laugh.

  12. Oh doesn't he just look so cute with his little teddies around him. I'm glad that he calmed down after you left. You know he's probably just doing it for your benefit, to make you feel guilty! Lachie does the same when I drop him at daycare sometimes, especially on Mondays!
    Hope today is better sweetie!


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