Friday, February 09, 2007


I had a comment yesterday that said I looked too young to be the mother of so many kids..... let me assure you, I am old! I had my first baby aged 20, and the last (N0#6) when I was 30. Having 2 grandchildren "dropped off" in my 40's has I believe, kept me young ! Gotta be positive eh? I am 48, and believe me, some days I feel it. So, thanks for the compliment, nice way to start the day.

I think I'm in for a huge gain this week, my legs are puffy from all this heat, and yesterday I didn't drink anywhere near enough water, was too busy. I can tell when I'm holding water, the bane of my life....

Usual day planned, kids to school, walk the dog, gym,housework... don't ya just envy me? lol ...

Griffin did not cry this morning, so I left feeling really good. I think it had something to do with the fact that they get to swim again today, Griffin just loves the water.... he tickled the teacher's fancy yesterday by saying "this is so refreshing !" all the time.... bloody cute kid !!! He does come out with some neat words often, his fav at the moment is "actually", he uses it heaps. Brylee is going swimming today as well, and is looking forward to it too. Don't ya just love school?

Dog walk, gym... been there, done that. Now for lunch, then I'm going into town to investigate one of those really big Fridge-Freezer side to side combo's.... don't know where it would fit in me kitchen, but who knows? Where there is a will there's a way...


I was reading a girl's blog a mo ago and she was talking about how she felt now vs. how she felt ages ago when she was fat, and it made me think of a few things worth yakking about...

How come when you are morbidly obese, you want people to see you as more than your weight, and when you are smaller you want people to see you for more than the weight you have lost?

There is more to me than the size of my pants - PAST and PRESENT !

I am sick to death of people commenting on my size, how much weight I have lost, etc etc. I am a whole person, with a brain, feelings, capabilities, talents even! I am not just a number of kilos lost !!!

I know this may sound strange, but imagine constantly being reminded about your weight ..... this happened when I was huge, and it happens now that I'm not. I AM OVER IT.

Why am I over it? Because I am ashamed of myself, for allowing myself to get so bloody obese, and I am embarrassed when people "congratulate" me on my weight loss, cos I don't feel like I deserve it..... all I did was correct my own mistake. Hmmm, rant over...

I wonder how many kids are asleep right now, exhausted from their first week back at school? This wee one is for sure!

Just sabotaged myself, had too much dinner, too much after dinner, feel awful, and am going to bed. When will I get off this yo-yo go around??? DOH
nite nite.


  1. Saw Griffin in the paper - you'll kill me but he did look so innocent! Who would think he doesn't want to be at school.

  2. Love the hair.

    Everytime Griffin plays up for school you should bring out that photo and remind him how much he actually likes school......haha.

  3. Hi Chris
    Have sorted that link out - and yes it was supposed to be your blog.
    You are looking great! :)

  4. OMG Griffin is looking so enthralled about what is being said to him... isn't he a cutie...

    Love CM

  5. Hi Chris,
    I'm sure your friend will have had snow if she is in Hartlepool (North East)but all we have had here in the North East is thin sheets of the stuff but some parts of the UK have had it a lot thicker and some schools have closed but again here in the North East we haven't had a huge amount and what we have had has gone more or less by the end of the day BUT the snow was a tad thicker this morning so your friend may get to see thick snow before she leaves or she may have already seen/been in it if she has been to other parts of the UK.

    The novelty of snow wore off when I was a little girl because it used to snow a lot heavier in those days (probably less now becuse of the global warming) and it used to take weeks to clear up but I can remember NOT having wellies and the snow used to come well over my shoes and I used to have to walk over a mile to school there and back each day and then sit in wet cold shoes........arrrgh get the violin out eh? but true
    I'm sorry but my mother was and still is HORRIBLE!! not very maternal and lets just say when you are a square peg by god she lets you know it...sorry about that bit rant...I had to, I just had to say it but it certainly has made sure I'm not the same with my kids, I love them and they know it.

  6. hey mum, nice hair do :-) cute about brylee and griffin, der bout steve, nice blog... ,love ya!

  7. I think comments about people's appearance can be a touchy thing... some people get annoyed if you say anything, other people get annoyed if you don't!

    I think if someone pays you a compliment then moves on, that's best. Don't dwell on it :)


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