Saturday, February 03, 2007


So, yesterday I was 110% good, and I drunk masses of water and piddled like a trooper... and it's weigh in in about 2 hours.... feeling kinda hopeful that I've managed to shift some of that 3 kgs.

If not, well shit happens ... today is my day off from dieting, when I allow myself an indulgent meal... usually lunch. So, am going to have a lovely lunch no matter what the scales say, then work hard again for the rest of the week. This has worked for me in the past, when I lost the 61 kgs, so I know it will work again, just so long as I stick to the plan.

And I so want to lose these extra kilos, to feel good, to look good, and to prove to myself that I can DO IT, and keep it off for life. No more of this bloody yo-yoing, it is pissing me off big time! later...

And the verdict is.... You are not going to believe this, but it's TRUE!!! I LOST 1.1 kgs ...THAT IS SO WRONG! Yesterday I was still showing a 2.5 gain, ???? Who am I to question the scales, they can say what they like today... must have been all the water I drunk and promptly piddled out again! Weird.
Just had a wicked morning tea, a small savoury, a cheese and onion sandwich and a chocolate slice... but I couldn't eat all the slice... Man am I full... feel ill actually. Probably won't have an evil lunch afterall. That's good then.

Going into town again later on to do a few jobs, take the kids to lunch etc. Just the usual saturday routine. later...

so, obviously in order to lose weight one must drink like a fish (water) and ROW YOUR BOAT! (or the rowing machine that is, ha ha ) Hey, thanks for all the kind comments, I'm surprised to be able to report a loss, really I am. I so was thinking of not weighing in today, and I was too scared to get on my scales this morning, cos if they had shown a huge gain still, I wasn't going that's for sure... so not knowing was good.
I had a nice lunch of a chicken sandwich and about 6 hot chips with sauce... and that's all. So I did rather well I thought. Now to kill the afternoon... later...
Oh yes, here is my new phone, it's a Sanyo Diva, it IS PINK, just a subtle pink. It's a camera as well, not something I thought I wanted, but hey,it's part of the phone! I got a free pair of Diva Sunglasses as well, so that was a bonus. Wonder if that's the end of me shopping spree? NAH! Bought a skort today, skirt and shorts combined, to wear at the gym. Cute. Maybe not me legs, but the outfit is, ha ha ha.

Had a lovely dinner, made a salad from surimi, boiled egg, tomatoe and parsley and some lite mayo... 7 points. Watched telly for a while, put kids to bed etc. Am now off to bed, hope to get a good sleep tonight, didn't last night thanks to the bloody teenagers mucking around till 3 in the morning! nite nite


  1. I agree Chris - no more yo-yoing, its really bad for you. Your main aim is to never gain your weight back. Your second aim is to try to lose what you have gained. You know its a lifetime thing and we are all behind you. Its funny, its one thing to lose the weight but we all know the challenge is to change your life enough to keep it off. I like what Kate is saying too about listening to your body and not obsessing with food. Good luck, I'll catch up with you again after my holiday.

  2. I have been yo-yoing big time with just the same three or four kilos up and down for over 12 months now. I'm sick of it. I keep finding any p!$$ weak excuse to avoid the reality that I need to pull my finger out. I've eaten like a pig this week but this is the last time - as of Monday i'm getting serious.
    I hope your weigh in goes really well and that you've pee'd out all of that pesky 3 kilos. I'll check in on you later.

  3. Woo hoo - well done honey, doesn't matter where the loss came from - you did it!! Good on you. Now be good this week and you'll get another loss next week!

  4. Hi Hun
    WELL DONE!! I knew you would be pleasantly suprised by the Weight Watchers scales, I am so pleased for you!!

    Sorry to read about your friends having to attend a funeral. Hartlepool is about 40ish mile away from me (I live in the North East about 15 mile outside of Newcastle) Stockton is just down the road from Hartlepool, I used to live in Stockton.

    I'm sure you will do a great job pointing this week and you have your new kitchen equipment to help even more so no excuses, I just know you will do great!!

    Have a great day and enjoy the fact YOU HAVE LOST THIS WEEK....things are never as bad as they seem eh?

  5. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Congrats on the loss!! mmmm chocolate slice!!

    have a good day

  6. Well done on the loss Chris - keep it up (or down as it may be).

    Congrats on all your shopping yesterday, you're not the 1st person to complain about the F&P Dish drawers, my sis in laws was always on the blink.

  7. the more you drink the more you shrink!!!

  8. Wahoo - great work with the loss! Keep drinking that water!
    Looks like you had great fun with the shopping! cute phone!

  9. Woohoo I am the goddess of advice! Now I just gotta learn to put my words into action haha.

    1.1kg is awesome babe I am so damn happy for you.

  10. Cute phone! Do they come in red? I want a new phone but I want red (I currently have blue - bit boring!!).

  11. I knew you would lose hun!! I KNEW IT!!!

    I have the same problem when I weigh at home. The only day it makes a difference is the day that you are weighing in at the same time you weighed last week because the scales change every day.

    I did a little experiment just before Xmas and my weigh in days are Tuesday's and Sat to Monday I am always heavier and Tuesday is a little down and Wednesday to Friday I am lighter.... sometimes I reckon I should change my weigh in day to Thursday etc he he he but at least it is consistant.

    Maybe it is because I am eating more in the weekend he he he.

    You are an inspiration Chris! Thank you for your posts and your comments on mine... I do appreciate them.

    Love CM


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