Sunday, February 25, 2007


It's 3am in the morning, and Stew has just managed to manhandle our 17 year old son Mike into his room..... Mike is so pissed he can hardly stand up, and he's as stroppy as hell! Talk about a kid who can't handle alcohol yet, he has just decided that he's already in the loo, and taken a leak all over his bedroom floor !!! OH MY GOD, if it wasn't so funny I'd slap the little shit! I have never ever seen Mike like this before, not a nice drunk at all !

I'm hoping he's now lying down asleep, but knowing our luck we are going to have to stay awake and keep an eye on him, in case he passes out and is sick...... bugger , damn and blast.

3.30 am, he's thrown up all over his bed... poor Stew is having to sort it all out cos I almost threw up too..... the washing machine is going on.... I'm going to throtle the little shit tomorrow !

8.40 am, just woke up, bliss, the little ones even slept in. I sure hope when Mike wakes up he feels awful, it will serve him right. His room smells goddam disgusting, like a brewery and ????

Did I mention that I video'd him last night? Oh god I'm evil.... wait till he sees himself on tape.... the crap that he was talking last night ... and him peeing up against his bed.... I did NOT video the "equipment", just from the back ! Shit I'm laughing now thinking about how he's going to react to that, cos usually Mike is the nicest young man.

I have another fitness assessment this morning at my new gym, today's is testing my resistance level? I think that's to do with weights. Then I think I'll do some cardio and try and do a class tonight.

I'm feeling really positive about this coming week, there is going to be nothing to stuff up my routine this time, fingers crossed.

Ok, the day has gone well so far, the gym assessment was going over the weight machines, how to use them etc. All good there.
Home, then into town for a few odds and sods, was tempted by yummy food left, right and centre, and had NONE. Phew, that was hard!

Have seen Mike briefly today, he got outta bed to go to the loo (THANK GOD !) *SNIGGER*, but he went straight back to bed. It is now 4.30 in the afternoon, maybe I shall get him up soon to clean .... oh Lisa just told me he's up and in the shower... he needs to be! eeeeewwwww

Mike isn't too keen on seeing HIS video... we will see. Stew and Griffin just dropped him off at a friend's going away bbq, and I gave him strict instructions not to drink.... Griffin must have his ears on well, cos he said to Stew on the trip back home "Gee, I hope Mike doesn't piss on the floor at Brendon's house!" SAD.

I'm really happy, I've had a good day diet and exercise wise, and I'm quite chuffed with myself. I resisted naughty food all day and made wise choices, and it makes such a difference to how I feel at the end of the day. You can get into "bad"viscious cycles, and you can get into "good" ones too, I choose to go for the good ones from now on.

nite nite, I'm sure I blabber on far too much sometimes!


  1. What a funny post to read at 6am! You're probably still up - we could ring each other for a chat! Luckily Jake doesn't usually bother coming home when he's pissed...

  2. Hiya Chris, i just read ur comment on Karens blog...Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot. My email address is, email me and ill invite you.

  3. Hi Chris...
    I sympathise with you! But I can't help but snigger either :)

    I can see that video popping up at an 18th or a 21st birthday!

    And Mike will probably say that he'll never drink like that again... and he probably will! I hope that his bedroom smells better soon!

  4. Anonymous4:46 PM

    oh my god - that is so funny and i think you should just put away the tape for a rainy day blackmail or his 21st!

    btw - you look absolutely amazing - gorgeous!

  5. I got a laugh out of that! Remembering our son one night - he couldn't find the door in his bedroom and we could hear him going around the walls looking.

  6. My son peed in his bedroom today too, but he's only TWO years old and currently toilet training so I reckon that's not too bad. Your story made me laugh too, sorry! It's tragic when you're the one watching it but it's funny from this end. Hope he doesn't drink tonight or Stew will probably kill him!!
    Have a great week honey.

  7. You poor thing...
    My dad taped me when I came home on my hens night...I never want to see that tape ever ever


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