Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Ok, so I've still got sore arms, but my legs don't feel too bad! I woke up feeling on top of the world, it's a beautiful sunny day and I'm off walking this morning, and I plan on getting to the top of the hill today! It's the only decent hill to walk up in Palmerston North so anyone here will know which one I'm talking about! lol

What else? Home to do some housework, honestly it has taken a back seat for the past few days and my house is looking decidedly untidy, something I just hate. Then tonight it's another class at the new gym.

I'm feeling guilty about my old gym, am meeting Janet there this morning to walk from and I just know the Gym Instructor is going to ask me where I've been ... should I tell him I've changed gyms or just make an excuse? He's really nice and I don't want to let him down, but that gym just isn't doing it for me anymore. later...

Linda: thank you for the comment, as you suggested, I shall not post it on here... we don't necessarily need to publish all our family woes ! Sounds like your son and our daughter are very similar in their troubles.
Anne: I shall try and get the courage to tell Jeremy! Your comments made sense too.

Ok.... we didn't get up the hill, Janet has a cold and my legs wouldn't let me I reckon! On to the housework...

CKK: in reply to your question... I think it's cos I got nothing better to do! ha ha.... nah really it just means I'm quite organised and disciplined with my days. Inbetween doing all me bit and pieces I always flit by the computer (which is on 24/7) to do quick updates ... it only takes a few moments! And obviously I enjoy doing it, that is the truth of it. later... am getting a suntan right now!

Gawd it is soo hot out there now, just picked up the kids from school, and now I'm feeling rattled and crabby. Too hot, too much to do, stressed at bit.
Got to get them out of their school clothes, give them afternoon tea, hang out some more washing, get some in, cook dinner, get to gym at 6.15, do their reading with them, the list goes on...
Tonight the gym class is BodyJam, dance routines with different types of music... sounds like fun...

I'm feeling a bit disappointed, there is just no way I can go to Bodyjam class tonight! I think I'd do myself some damage, my legs are really killing me this afternoon and I think I shall have to do nothing tonight, and just let my legs recover. Huh, to think I thought I was fit! Ok, I can walk and cycle for bloody miles, I've got endurance for sure. But that's it. So, I shall just try that class on Friday night instead, and realise that I am NOT superwoman.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa_7P5AbUww I just watched this video clip of Steve Irwin the Corocodile Hunter ... it is really funny (nice), so if you liked him, watch it.

Alrighty, am done for the day.... nite nite.


  1. Tell him! I think he will understand. Also might make them take a look at what else they can offer. You have to go what is motivating you! Sometimes it's good to just have a change.

  2. I agree with Anne, tell him!

    Kinda a good feeling that you are sore ay because you know what you are doing is working, roll on weigh in.

  3. How, in all your gymming/housework/chasing after kids/walking with friends, do you manage to post multiple times a day??! Do you have one of those time altering devices, like Hermione uses in Harry Potter??

  4. Tell him. Then you wont feel stink.
    this bloggy comments thing is really bugging me, it wont let me sign in.

  5. Ok so I spent a bit of time caressing my puta, and its doing what i want it to do...sort of.
    I have blogged again mother.

  6. Your attitude sounds wonderful! Glad you're doing well, and keep up the great work.

  7. Hey hun

    Wow you sound like you are on top of the world.

    Sorry I havent commented in a while haven't had the time to get on but have been thinking of you.

    I reckon you should tell them because they can't improve if no one explains.



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