Saturday, February 10, 2007


Some twit woke me at 5.58am this morning, going up or down the stairs... so I'm not feeling very happy! And I'm not going to weight watchers either! I don't want to show a huge gain.... like about 4kgs!!! My face is all puffy, so are my fingers and legs... my pills did nothing yesterday at all, I just kept all that water on board.
I'm not on The Biggest Loser, where some of them water load to get an advantage for the next week, I have to deal with water retention every friggin day.

I am going to try and change "something" this week to get off this darn plateau I'm on, obviously all the exercise I do makes no difference. ANY SUGGESTIONS???

Today's plan... look at fridge/freezers, housework (DOH), move my butt some more! , refrain from eating any crap at all ! And hopefully someone out there has an idea for me to try....

Thanks for that suggestion Ash, can't imagine eating meat and veges for breakfast, but I will give it a try, anything is worth a go at the moment, I am so sick of not going anywhere with this weight loss kick, I'm sure my body is in a rut with all that I've done to it over the past 3 years ! And my mind too... I think maybe the mind is the worst problem !...

Just bought a gorgeous new side by side Fridge/Freezer unit for the kitchen... will now have to rearrange the whole kitchen to fit it in !
And... Stew and I looked at that huge pile of washing on the laundry floor for the past 2 ? days and today we caved in and did it !! Useless parents we are, not teaching those teenagers anything... I KNOW , I KNOW !!! But really, we got sick of climbing over it to get out the back door, and it was annoying the hell outta us. Maybe I shall charge them for the pleasure of doing their washing ? YEAH, that's a good idea eh?
... 22 towels, that's how many I've just hung out and got back in again from their pile of washing....

Lynise, I totally agree with you, but if I hadn't done it my darling Husband was going to do it.. and why should he work hard all week then come home and do a huge pile of washing? I fully intend to make them pay me for doing it, far out, I know I'm not their personal maid.... and you can say whatever you like to me, I will not take offense! I can take it just as I can dish it mate. I am living for the day they leave home and come a gutser when they run outta clothes, food, loo paper etc.

You'll be proud to know I did not clean their bathroom, it was stinking to high heaven and they simply had to clean it the other day, they couldn't stand the smell ! Luckily for us downstairs we couldn't smell it , phew ! SMALL STEPS...

Nice evening,watched some telly, and now the kids and I are going to play "Buzz" on the playstation... nite nite.


  1. Hey Chris,
    I hit a plateu at around 85kgs when I lost weight in 2005. What I did which I found really worked was changed the order of my meals- So, what I would generally eat for breakfast I'd have for dinner and dinner I'd eat for breakfast- it seemed to confuse my body enough that it kicked it back into weightloss mode without me having to change my intake of points.

    I also really upped the cardio which I am sure played a part too.

    Hope this helped


  2. hi ya,
    Have just caught up with your weeks worth of posts. I have the whole entire day off. woooo hoooo. Although I'm a little disappointed that its 2.30pm and I havn't done nada with my day. Had a nice sleep in until 9am, was brought coffee in bed, then read in bed until 10am before hunger forced me to get up, shower and make myself two poached eggs. Have just spent the past 1.5 hours catching up on blog reading,,,, oh the luxuary of having a WHOLE day off. Buggerlugs has even done me a favour and has made himself scarce for the day. Think he is down in the shed fitting some new fandangled toy to the boat. Have a fantastic day.
    PS: As others have said, I hope you didn't do that washing. As with crankybee, I had to start doing mine at quite an early age (13 when I went to boarding school) There is no reason in the world why you should be playing slave to anyone capable of doing it themselves. I can understand why knowone is in a hurry to move out, they have it farrrrrr too easy at home. lol

  3. woman, what the heck are you thinking. You don't have to climb over it, nor do you have to do it. Just bend down, pick it all up, and march it straight back to their room. (they probably won't even notice, and will probably start using all the towells again, thinking they are clean. lol) I understand why they think its ok to treat you this way, come closer and I'll tell you,,,,,, ITS BECAUSE YOU LET THEM WOMAN. When I saw the first pic showing the pile I felt like kicking their behinds for you,,,, now I feel like kicking yours. (sorry my friend, but someone has to tell it like it is, and since I have a big mouth and no tack, it might as well be me) You have enough on your plate without being a personal chamber maid to anyone. If you really want them to continue this then thats ok, but if you really want it to stop then I'm afraid your going to have to put your foot down, because they arn't going to start helping themselves as long as someone is doing it for them.
    PS: Luv ya, so don't take this the wrong way :-)


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