Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Counting down .... to school ! Much as I love our kids I am so grateful school is compulsory. I have had kids home now for 28 years and I have had enough! If I couldn't send them to school I think I would run away from home. Brylee is usually pretty quiet and good,but even she is bored silly. Griffin has been fine the past week or so as we set up the playstation for them and he's hooked.

In fact he screams when we make him get off it, so we will have to watch how often he uses it, don't want him to turn into a couch potatoe. He's a big boy and needs to run around heaps, or he's going to get very fat I think. Then again, his mouth NEVER stops, does that count as exercise! lol

I'm off to the gym this morning, then midday our new dishwasher is coming... weird cos it's a public holiday today and it's still getting delivered. Stew will be so pleased. later...

You know how delivery people say "we will be there at 11 o'clock" then turn up 3 hours late? Well, that did not happen today! These guys turned up half an hour early, and were in and out of here in 10 minutes flat! So now all STEW has to do is figure out how it works, ha ha ha ! Maybe I'll get a look in sometimes, but it's his domaine, he does the dishes in this house! How lucky am I ?
It was mad at the gym this morning, usually it's not too busy, but today being a public holiday, it was hectic. Luckily I got there early enough to book all the machines I wanted, so not a problem for me. I am starting to think about whether or not to continue at my present gym after my membership expires, or change to a bigger gym that offeres aerobic classes, kick boxing classes etc. My gym does not have them. We do have the pools though, but I could get a concession pass for the pool? Just thinking about it at the moment, my membership expires in June, so I have time to check out a few others first before making up my mind.
We have another beautiful sunny day here, trying to think of how to make the most of it.... later...
So, we went into town and got an instruction book for the dishwasher, it didn't have one, then had lunch (I was evil) at the foodcourt, wandered around for a bit then went home. Where I proceeded to clean all the downstairs bathrooms and toilets, such a shitty job. Broke the mop so had to go buy a new one, two hours later that job is done.
I am getting excited about tomorrow....
Brylee and Griffin just went to bed, one more sleep till school, I can hardly contain myself!!
Watching end of Coronation Street, then not sure what the evening holds, but it will be relaxing. nite nite.


  1. I agree with you about that when men are poorly they are dying when they get even just a sniffle.

    The man flu thing was probably written by a woman taking the pittle out of men....heehee

    My other half always says that man flu is a recognised close to death illness....BAAAAAAH HUUUUMMMMBUUUG

    You should see him when he does get a sniffle, he sits shivering and a duvet pulled up to his nostrils and the voice.....oh the voice....a dying mans voice...HA HA HA

    I dont know how many times he has been at deaths door but miraculously he always comes back from the brink of death....HA HA HA.....AMMMMMAAAAAAAAAZING!!

  2. Ok now I understand why you hate school holidays! TWENTY EIGHT YEARS!! bloody hell!!
    oh exciting new dishwasher!!

  3. ooooooooo 28 yrs you rock....but cant you have them one more day?? i would sooo love another day away from work!! haha.

  4. 14pk.... I replied to your suggestion on your blog... ha ha ha. Wasn't polite eitha, lol

  5. Can't remember the last time I had to clean a toilet...hahahaha! The joys of having a housekeeper.

  6. Pity you aren't here in Hamilton or you could go with Debbie and I... you would be a hoot to go to the gym with.

    Woohooo dish washer guy came early OMG that is a miracle.

    Kids going to school do a little jig.... do a little jig woohoooo. Can you tell I am excited!! I AM!!!
    He he he

    Love ya my friend

  7. I WANT ONE!! I had a dishwasher once in my career as a housefiance/mother. We had it for a year and it was my tidiest year ever. Loved it and can't wait for our new house to be built so that we can get one.


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