Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I lay awake last night trying to think "how did I hurt my back today"??? And then I remembered... yesterday morning at school, Griffin was screaming and crying cos he didn't want to stay, I was walking away from him trying to find his teacher so she could hold him while I left, and Griffin grabbed my arm from behind me and then dropped to the ground, thereby wrenching my whole arm and making me twist around... so that's when it happended... yeah thanks Griffin!

Have a meeting at school this morning with a lady who will be working with Brylee this year, Brylee needs a bit of extra help at the moment, she just isn't "GETTING IT" at school yet. So, last year she had a teacher aide all year, this year she is in Reading Recovery and has a teacher aide in the classroom too, they are so good with her.

THEN... the new fridge/freezer is arriving this morning too.... ooooo so exciting! I am pathetic, getting all excited about a bloody fridge!...

Imagine a 2 year old clapping it's hand with glee.... that's what I look like! The fridge/freezer is here, and I just want to hug it!! DOH
Now waiting for Stew to come home and move the old one into the garage, then I will take a photo to show ya all. heee hee, love me photos.

Now , when you see where the new fridge/freezer is, you may think it's a long way from the sink and stove area, in the "traditional" kitchen triange set up, but to my way of thinking, any extra steps required to reach it are GOOD !!! It was three steps to the old fridge position from the sink, the new one is 6 steps away... so double the steps to get to it. All good! photo to come later...

So, here it is... two views of the kitchen now, and one of the fridge/freezer open so you can see how much room there is inside! Ain't it just beautiful !!!
It's Valentines Day, so Stew and I are off to the movies, we are seeing The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith and his son. AND I SHALL HAVE CHOCOLATE, it's not like we go to the movies often so am going to enjoy myself, and that means something evil to munch on. sorry !
Nice movie, felt like it could have gone on longer.... kinda like.. where is the rest of the movie? But nice anyway! Had popcorn, a frozen coke, an ice cream and a few (yeah right) lollies. No chocolate though, I get points for that eh? nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Hope your back is better!!

  2. Take it easy with your back, they need time to heal properly, my OH has bad trouble with his back.

    Enjoy your new fridge and make sure it is stocked up with GOOD HEALTHY food.

  3. I hope you're back gets better soon!

    Thanks for all of your encouraging comments on my blog.

    I can't believe your weight loss - that's wonderful! You're a real inspiration.

  4. How sweet - off for a date:)

  5. Anonymous9:37 PM

    have fun at the movies tonight!!! i want to see that movie!!

  6. Whoa that fridge is gorgeous. It's so much fun filling it up too. I just love grocery shopping.

    Just finished work - late night. Thanks so much for your email. It helped. Will reply tomorrow. Off to bed cause I'm knackered.

    Hope you and Stew enjoyed your movie and your Valentines night.

  7. Hi :o)
    I totally understand about the fridge! We got a new freezer not long ago, and i was the same. We need a new fridge and i imagine i'll be delighted when we get one! Arranging food in new spots etc. The white goods ARE our tools of trade after all :o)
    Just like guys get excited over a new power tool, it's all relative lol
    You have a nice kitchen BTW :o)

    Is Griffin having a hard time settling into school? It tears at our heart strings aye? My youngest daughter was like that. I don't know who it was harder for, her or me!
    Look after your back, it's the only one you've got :o)

  8. Hope your back feels better soon... nothing worse than back pain! Your new fridge looks lovely... nice and big! Have a wonderful night at the movies with your husband and enjoy the chocolate! Dont forget to tell us how the movie was... I want to see that one too. Greetings from Holland, Amanda Jane


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