Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So, with all my good intentions for exercise this week, isn't it typical that something will come along to stuff it all up? The monthly from hell has decided to arrive today.... so I am still going to the gym, but may just have to stick to doing a cardio workout, so I can make frequent dashes to the bathroom.

Also, I will have to take a few neurophen cos me lower back is killing me, don't ya just love being a girl? Ok, onward....

Picture this.. I'm on the treadmill, I've only been on it for 10 minutes MAX... and the next thing I know I've got blood pouring down me legs.....FUCK! So much for that, on top of the awful embarassment of it all, I had to go home, so no exercise then. And who said "granny pads AND tampons" will be enough?? boo hoo

Murphy's Law eh? For the past few days I have been feeling on top of everything, and really happy. Today I feel like shit, so went out and bought a potatoe top pie and ate it... and of course, now I feel even worse. I am seriously thinking I'm bloody useless at this weight loss shit, I've lost the plot. How could I be soo good at it for 2 years and lose 61 friggin kilos, and now I am useless, and slowly gaining again. I just want to cry today.

I just took my bad mood out on a magnolia bush, a begonia and some random plants down the side of the house, I pruned them... felt good. I also took Izzy for a little walk (15 minutes) to try and blow the cobwebs away... it's not too hot out there today...

I have good news... I made an appointment with my Doctor, Friday at 3.45! I have been putting it off until I had a reason to see him, like when I was ill.... but it just isn't happening! I'm never sick, I dont even get a cold anymore! So, hopefully he can do something about this "bloody" problem of mine, excuse the pun!
CKK: do you know what? I don't remember having any real "down" days while I was losing the 61kgs, I was so motivated and determined to get to goal, I was on a permanent high.
The only trouble is, once you "get there" it is very hard to keep the motivation up to just "maintain"... it's a neverending battle.
When I'm at the doctor's I'm going to ask him about my fluid retention too, it is not getting any better, even with the diuretics I take... illustrated below is the dent I can make in my leg by pressing my heel down on my shin... neat eh? And I can do this at any time of the day, to either leg.
I can gross people out by doing this, lol. Right that's me for the day, I have yabbered on for far too long me thinks. nite nite.


  1. Chris,
    What did your friend think of the UK or rip of Britain as we call it?
    We are now being charged to travel on some roads to reduce congestion.....what next we ask ourselves?

  2. I'm pleased she enjoyed it but a shame that she didn't get to the Metro ctr, it is fab in there. There was little villages the last time I was there in one part of the Metro ctr i.e. Christmas village, Roman village etc...fab

    I haven't been to the Metro ctr for a little while now and it is only a short-ish drive to the Metro ctr from where I live so no excuse really...except finances.

    It's sad that it had to be a sad situation that brought your friend to the UK.

    Okay enjoy your day

  3. Not so good - take it easy! Actually bit silly telling you of all ppeople to take it easy, I don't think you ever sit down!

  4. Thankyou for the lovely supportive comment on my blog and the email I never returned. About the bleeding, that was me all last year. Have you seen a specialist? don't just accept it is menopause and can't be fixed.

  5. I had to break our back door with a brick in this same state once. Had locked my keys for the car in the house and had Phoebe (then 6 weeks) in the car. Frickin womanhood.

  6. Check out the endiometrial ablation. I went through hell until I had it done. What you had happen today was a regular occurance for me. It was so good never having to worry again and a far easier option than a hysterectomy.

  7. Not a good day, hey Chris? I have no doubt that you would have had at least a few down days along the way to a 61kg loss - and if not, what drug were you on??! You have been going at it really hard this week and shouldn't feel like a failure or let down because you have hit a bump in the road. The hormones can't be helping either. Hang in there and try to do things that make you feel good.

  8. Oh Chris, what an absolute pisser!
    I bet you were so embarrassed, bloody monthly's!

    My first day is my worse and I stay indoors if I can help it and close to a loo.

    My Mum and both my older sisters have had to have a hysterectomy because of these problems so I'm guessing the odds are against me (great! NOT).

  9. hey Chris, i am ashamed to say that i have not visited your blog before... *hangs head in shame*

    My goodness i wish i'd visited earlier. 6 kids!!! 60-odd kilos!!! You are a WONDERWOMAN!!!

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my blog, especially since i had no idea it was the soles of babies feet i was looking at!!!

  10. BTW, you are so right about the never ending battle. That's what i never learnt to win, that last battle. I lost 27kg in 10 months (nothing like you!!) and felt on top of the world, got complacent and before i knew it, 10kg were back on again.

    Visiting your blog today has inspired me to post my goal photo. I've always been to ashamed to post it as i look so much better than i do now. BUT, i suppose knowing that i'm getting back to that place is a good enough reason to be postive about it!

  11. I have just read most of your blog has only taken meee ummm god knows how long! Can't wait to read what lies ahead for you!!!! You keep thinking positive thoughts and you will reach your goal weight again babe!!

  12. Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments. I too wrestle with that monthly demon, and it has put a stick in the wheel of my exercise plans for the week thus far. I have bookmarked you blog for inspiration. All the best

  13. You're right,the dent is gross! Almost recycled my peanut butter toast onto the keyboard!


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