Monday, February 12, 2007


This is gunna be quick, we slept in !!! and the kids have just got up, are having their breakfast now.
Todays plan: kids to school, shoot into town to sort out passport problem with kids, then off to gym, etc etc...

Great morning! buzzed into town and got stuff sorted, then off to the gym, some days are soooo hard! Today was one of them, I was clock watching the whole time, wishing it would go faster... it can be so boring sometimes just trudging along on the treadmill and exercycle and today was one of those days.
Just had lunch, a Weight Watcher meal, so yum. Also had a few Sakata crackers and tomatoe relish, am trying to keep from feeling hungry all day, so I don't do anything I SHOULDN'T tonight. Went to bed so early last night (9.30) and slept all night, so good! Had weird dreams though!

This is where the old fridge was, now it has a cabinet with "stuff" on it... I'm really happy with how it looks too, though every time we walk past it it looks like the fridge door is open and that's confusing!

Lisa's freind Aimee came around with her dog "Xinara" to have a playdate with Izzy, it was soooo cute, they played with each other till they were exhausted! Picture on right is of the two girls sharing a drink, the one on the left is of 4 Tarts. hee hee he.

Well, another day bites the dust, have not been very good food-wise, probably because I have been thinking about it all day, trying not to eat any crap. Going to check out some others' blogs then go to bed. nite nite


  1. Yep - that was me at the gym - I caught a glimpse of you on the bike before I was whipped away! I've got a bit of work to do!!

  2. I can so relate to evening eating if you work out a solution let me know ........have a great week :)

  3. yummy Sakata Crackers, I haven't had those for AAAGGGEEESS - Now on my shopping list for Thursday when I can next get to Asda...thanks for that Chris, that is what these blogs are all about eh? Keeping one another motivated, reading each other the riot act when needed, being a virtual shoulder when feeling down and giving each other new ideas.

    Hugs for you, just because


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