Monday, February 19, 2007


Hmmm, I've woken up with sore arms, boo hoo. Not used to having sore arms, this is GOOD ! It means I worked them out yesterday in a totally different way from normal. Oh I'm also sore across the front of my chest, sort of level with my armpits, lol.

Anyway, enough grizzling, it's back there this morning for Cityexpress, a 22 minute circuit of the weight machines with an instructor egging you on. Sounds like fun! Then the usual cardio workout, followed by housework... suppose it still has to be done ... bugger. later...

I like Greg - gym instructor, he's sooo cute! Young and energetic, got a gorgeous smile... wish I was 25 years younger and not in love with me darling Stew!!! OH well... this morning was another fantastic time. Greg got me on a set of 6 weight machines in a circuit, and showed me what I have been doing wrong for over 2 years! I have been doing the weights too fast (to get them over with), and he made me slow down .... boy that's harder! Then I did only 30 minutes of cardio, I'm making sure I don't burn out in the first week! I may have endurance on my side, but aerobically I'm not fit. Tonight it's Bodypump, BRING IT ON.

Righty ho, got heaps to do.... oh yeah, below is the tea wagon Stew painted last night, on the left is how he did it, and on the right is what I did to it this morning... I didn't like the white at all... so it's fixed now.

Just got back from Bodypump class..... not sure if I liked it.... when we had to do the lunges my right knee hurt a lot, which is kinda an old injury from being so overweight. Also, had to lie on my back a lot too, and my bum didn't like that either... cos of the tissue implanted "back there".... so will wait and see how the other classes are before deciding if I will go back to Bodypump or not. Lots more to try!
It has been so hot today I fell asleep in the lounge around 4pm and was kindly awoken by the kids at 5, right in time to make dinner. Talk about an old granny! ha ha ha
I am feeling..... REALLY SORE ALREADY!!! Just getting up out of a chair is killing me, and my arms are dead! Maybe I overdid it today? TOO BAD, pain is good. I'm off walking tomorrow with me gym buddy, so that's "normal" for me bod... until tomorrow night anyway. haa ha.
Righty ho, I'm off to bed to give me body a break. ahhh bliss.... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    not good when your sore but it is good!

    have a great day exercising away!!

  2. That's such a good feeling! I love how you're really throwing yourself into this.

  3. Yep - I know that feeling, I've jsut come right from last week and was back at the gym today. Does dound like you are enjoying the new gym.

  4. oo i'm exhausted reading about body pump!!! haha

    look after your body and kick some rock chick.

  5. Well done for doing all that exercise, maybe try wearing a knee support if your knee hurts during certain exercises.

    I like the blue tea wagon with the blue trays not so much the white and wasn't Stew a darling for doing that for you.


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