Thursday, February 01, 2007


I know I havn't been fantastically good over this week, but hey, my scales are still saying a 3kg gain.... so I'm obviously feeling totally pissed off! What do I have to do, Friggin Starve! It is "that time of the month", but 3 KG !!!

so, maybe I won't go to weight watchers on saturday, don't think I could stand seeing those numbers on my card... am going to the gym today to really put in a good effort... will get on the bloody rower and do 3 kms today, that will be good. Might kill me, but hey.... I will fit in me coffin, lol. later...

Note to self, when feeling pissed off and bummed out, go to the gym! It really really helps lift your mood, I am feeling so much better now... hot and sweaty, but better ! lol

I WILL go to weight watchers on saturday, I WILL... don't know if I will weigh in, but I ain't missing me mates cos of bloody fluid retention. I take medication every morning to make me pee, otherwise I only pee once a day ! It's a FAG. later...

Oh Yeah, the gargage door opener is coming back in a mo, so I can finally put me car and bike away... Just back from taking the kids for a walk over to the school and then the dairy for an ice block (them, not me)...

Garage door - fixed. Dinner - done and eaten. Coronation Street - on soon and I'm gunna watch it!

Here is Steve and his "Prodigy", so cute! Griffin has a major case of "hero worship" when it comes to his Uncle Steve, and funnily enough I think Steve really loves this kid too. (and Brylee of course!). Just as well cos Steve is the kids guardian if anything ever happens to us "grown ups"... Coronation Street is starting soon, so better go...

Thanks for all the positive supportive comments Re: me weight.... I will (maybe) weigh on saturday.... I do have a real problem with fluid retention, it is the bane of my life... I really can put on heaps of weight when I havn't got the water works under control! Working on it. nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    im sorry to hear you are feeling bummed out and shitty!!
    i dont think 3 kg is that bad if you are at that time of the month

    keep your spirits up :)

  2. Know how you feel. Think maybe your body must holding fluid. Go to the meeting and don't weigh if you don't want to, but quite often the meetings get you motivated. Hang in there Chris!!

    While our scales aren't going up - they sure aren't going down either, despite what I do. I'm almost feeling they would just put even if I stopped eating - won't do that though!

  3. A lot can happen on the scales between now and weigh day, I think you should go to your weigh in, you might be pleasantly suprised.


    You have paid for your meetings so go, the meeting will probably spur you on for a better week.

  4. hi ya,
    As someone who seems to have the ability to gain the weight of a horse in a rediculously short amount of time, I completely understand how darm frustrating your gain will be. (finally had the courage to admit that I put on 6kg in a three week period over christmas) and so far have only taken off 2 of those.
    Got to fly, sorry your having a crappy day.

  5. Bloody scales, stick with it Chris you are exercising so well. next week those 3kg can be thrown in the bin.

  6. Hun.. you will be suprised when you go to WW and see the scales... you can't have gained 3 kilos unless you did heaps and heaps of muscle building or have eaten a lot.

    You will go and it will be a loss my friend and if it isn't then you know you have done well this week and phewy to those scales.

    Isn't it cute the photo of the boys together... bonding huh such a great thing.

    Love CM

  7. The more water you drink the more fluid should let go. Weird but true,. Fingers crossed it all works out.


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