Friday, February 02, 2007


Today I am going to drink water like there's no tomorrow, maybe Jadey's suggestion will work! I usually drink 2 - 2.5 litres a day, so am aiming for 4 litres today, hope it helps! My scales say 2.5 kgs up still....

Retail therapy: gunna go buy a new dishwasher today, Stew will be so pleased, it's his job in the evening to wash the dishes... well, I DO THE COOKING! Fair's fair eh. No gym this morning, might go later on today or even this evening. later...

Well... bought a dishwasher (Fisher & Paykell), not a dish drawer, me Mum's one always breaks down. AND.. a new t.v aerial for the kitchen t.v, a new wee unpright vacum for the kitchen, a vacum for upstairs, a new frying pan and the most gorgeous Grill ! Think that counts as MAJOR retail thereapy !! FUN. Stew got some new runing sneakers and this afternoon I might just get me a new phone, want one that is pink. later...

Just spent 1.5 hours at the Travel Agents sorting out details for our trip to Aussy in May... booked flights, motels, trains etc etc... So that is sorted now. Just have to lose some weight so when we are there I can go shopping for clothes !! I love shopping! Can ya tell ! *lol*

Fun over, it sure kept my mind off food and weigh in tomorrow. And No, we didn't win Lotto, worst luck. If we did we'd be going to Disneyland too.

One of my best friends is off to England tomorrow night, totally unexpected trip for a family funeral, sad . Ran into her in the Travel Agents, she is all a tizz.. hope to spend an hour or so with her tomorrow at weight watchers and morning tea. later...

Shopping is sooo tiring, I'm buggered! Gunna go to bed and toss and turn all night (knowing me luck) and wake up at 5 am and try to piddle some more weight out! Wish me luck.

nite nite


  1. I'm going to give it a go as well with the water today! fed up with the scales being stuck!

    Good luck with whatever you decided with WW tomorrow. I'm away so will catch you next week.

  2. Oh dishwasher

    I DON'T recommend the double dish draw's. I have had both in the past and find with a family the 'all in one' is 100% better.

  3. God girl, when you shop - YOU SHOP!!

    I have a basic Nokia $99 phone with a hot pink face plate - love it! My sister just got a really flash one for Xmas that flips up and it is also hot pink, you never lose it...LOL

  4. Woohoo such fun spending money! Did ya win lotto or something he he he

    Good luck with WW hun

    Love CM

  5. Oh - is that the other Chris - tell her sorry to hear.

  6. OOO we had that deal, cam's the cook and i'm the dishwasher. but now i'm learning to cook, i have to teach him how to wash!!! hahaha

    retail therapy...i'd love a dishwasher!!!!!!!!!

    I HAVE A PINK PHONE!!! not the flash flash one the $200 something one...its cool!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!

    go the water'll be best friends with your toilet in no time!! haha

  7. good luck with the water thing. hope you pee heaps.

  8. A good day's shopping.....fab

    Oh yeah a PINK phone, mine is pink also and I love it, I just got it around September last year.

    Have a good day today when you read this,it will be our evening, I think you are about 9 hours ahead of us.


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