Saturday, February 17, 2007


So, the plan was to get to bed early last night, and you know what? It almost happened! Stew and I were actually in bed by 10pm... and almost asleep when Stew's phone bleeped... it was Mike, our 17 year old son who was in town with Stew's company car ... his text read like this:
Can you come outside when I get home??? Well, you can imagine what immediately went through our heads....he's crashed the car!

so, after pacing back and forward for 15 minutes in the kitchen (in the dark) the kid gets back, and yep, the car is dinged... both sides of the rear end!! Seems some twit had driven his truck into one side, which pushed the car right over until it hit the car next to it! Luckily for Mike, he wasn't in it, and there were several witnesses, so all the names and phone numbers were taken.

This is the second time in the 3 months we have had this BRAND new car that it has been dinged.... we'd only had it a month when it was crashed into while parked on our road.... we only got it back from the panel beater 2 weeks ago! So, the panel beater is just going to laugh when Stew takes it back on monday! This time there's about 5 panels to fix, and a tail light.

I think we are jinxed when it comes to company cars.

Oh yeah, Stew took Griffin outside this morning to see the car, and his response was : "Oh bugger!", and then he saw the broken tail light and said "Oh Lordy!" soooo cute.
Am off to WW shortly, nice social outing for me today, doing a no weigh, can't face the scales! I am useless at the moment, and I really don't know why! I have all the motivation, all the right food at hand, a huge incentive in May, and what do I do? Eat the wrong stuff...... later... I am a truly sad person! I just LOVE my ww meetings, I get to yak with the girls and impart all sorts of advice, makes my day! Pity i can't take my own advice re: plateau breaking, tracking, etc. Oh well, at least I still go!I think changing gyms will make a huge difference to my motivation, I am going to ask them to weigh me weekly as well, and to get on my case and make me work harder if I EVER go up again. So look out next week, I am going to lose! later...
Had my first fitness assessment at the new gym, was supposed to take an hour, took two. The upshot is I am quite fit and when I work on the cardio machines (treadmill, rower, cycle and cross trainer) I have to enter my age as 28 instead of 48!! That way they will give me an appropriate workout for my level of fitness... wow I hope no one is watching when I do that cos they are just gunna know I ain't 28 !!! Feel quite happy about that though, quite a boost to my self exteem. hee he. Next assessment is next sunday, where they assess your resisitance level.... that should be interesting. Can't wait. later...
Now I am going to try for an EARLY night ! Wish me luck, nite nite !


  1. Was going to join you this week at WW - but to be truthful it's not doing much for me at the mo. Guess I hear a couple of sessions a week when I help. Maybe we could meet up one day for a coffee if you are at loose end?

    Bad luck with the vehicle and Griffin sounded cute with what he said:)

  2. Bad luck about the car! good luck with weigh in and thanks for your support to me lately.

  3. oooo brand new cars are always jinxed i reckon - thats why i dont own one hahahaha and the fact i cant afford. glad you're son is ok...

    have a relaxing time at wwers, get the motivation and tools ya need to top yourself up then full steam ahead to may!!!

  4. The weight loss support group i got to is more of a social club than anything...
    They all do thier own thing in regards to weight loss...
    So they all sit around and gossip.. some have been going for over 30 they are like one big family..
    Happy to hear your son wasnt involved in the car ding...
    Sounds like that car definitely jinxed...

  5. Awwe, I bet Mike was quaking when he saw the damage wondering what your's and Stew's reaction would be...poor thing.

    Have to enter 28 into the fitness machines, I have to say "WELL DONE for being so fit and staying so fit" that is fab.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. Oh, what crappy lucky your having with the car, but couldn't help but laugh at Griffins comments,,,,,, tooooooo cute.


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