Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So, one week to go till the kids go back to school, I can't believe how long these holidays have been. I wonder if Griffin will go back to crying every morning? I do hope not. Don't suppose it will matter, cos he's going and that's all there is to it, I am hanging out for some peace from the constant demands, I am sick to death of hearing "Mummmmmm, can I?"

It looks like another nice day out there, might just go to the gym... I have missed it. Got on the scales this morning and they showed a gain of 3Kg in 4 days!! How's that, impressive eh! I can gain huge amounts in a small time, not fair. Wonder if the chocolate ice cream did that? Surely not! I think I still holding lots of water, and not going to the gym makes a big difference too I'm sure.
Oh well, must go feed the kids their breakfast... later...

I went to the gym, it was hard after 4 days and still feeling yukky, but I'm glad I did. I got on the rower today, first time in ages and rowed for 2km, not bad! Am now home, where it is a bloody mess as per usual... so want a housekeeper!

Just had a bloke in me kitchen (hmmm), he fixed me new oven door, it wasn't closing properly and me chook took 2 hours to get cooked the other night! Not good. AND our automatic garage door opener crapped out, so that's 2 things broken , wonder what the 3rd will be ? don't you always find things go in three's ?? Like births/deaths/ breakdowns? I do.

I am looking forward to the weekend, we are going shopping for a new dishwasher, ummm, that crapped out months ago (is that no#3?). What else, ummm, a wee upright vacum for the kitchen cos I'm sick of having to sweep it 5 times a day .... my kids are pigs! Oh yes, and I want a blind for the kitchen window, I can't work in there in the evening without getting full sun on my face, and that is not nice when you are slaving over a hot stove ... so roll on the weekend..

so, what happens when you can't use your garage? A traffic jam outside your house! We live in a little culdesac, with only 8 houses, and it's a one way street... all these vehicles are ours or friends! Hope they bring our new opener tomorrow, it's just a bit conjested eh? !...

Another quiet evening, watching Dr 90210 right now, some of it is interesting, some of it is just dumb! After that I'm going to bed, so nite nite.


  1. 3kg in 4 days?? Now that's impressive! Must be something to do with that time of month, surely... I wouldn't think that not going to the gym for a few days would have that sort of impact.

    Haven't done the tag thingee yet, no time, but will try and do it soon, I promise!! :)

  2. What I hate is that these lots of three keep coming and become huge multiple lots of three. Our car is the worst culprit with 3 incidences in the last 3.5 weeks of something drastic going wrong. Actually, make that four if you count the missing mag covers that the mechanic didn't put back on properly!!

  3. Agree with Jules - in our house we get the multiple lots of three.

    Is something up with your scales? Doesn't sound right!!

  4. Hi Chris. Have just started reading your blog. Your sentiments echo mine quite a bit lately. Please drop me an email. leeanneb at xtra dot co dot nz.

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