Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today is one of my best friends birthday... Chris D.  I know you got your bag yesterday, and with it the little 'something' inside it too.

SPARKLING: I will show YOU and my other readers what was in it now:

ABOVE:  just to refresh your memory, this is the Cute Bag for Chris D.
And this:

 ABOVE:  is a made-to-fit Drawstring bag, with a container inside for her lunches.  I really enjoyed making the little 'extra' bag for her.  I know she will use the little container too... it's what I use for my yogurt and fruit if we go out.

HANDY little containers they are.

There is a young man in this house who needs a haircut... stat!
I tried to get a decent photo of him ... after he had spiked it up with water:

ABOVE:  not too bad... scary eyes though...

 ABOVE:  Wow almost a normal face!
But... it didn't last.

 ABOVE:  Yep... much more like our Griffin.  He's a hard case is our boy.

 ABOVE:  the other little man in the house... looking so adorable, he just makes me melt.
I had another lady in a shop say he looked just like me yesterday!  Made my day.

ABOVE:  Dante loves his Daddy.  Getting ready for babe's bedtime last night.  

Today:  sewing, housework, Hospice duty, dodging raindrops too.  

Poor Brylee!  On camp and the weather is atrocious.  I totally expect her to come home with everything wet, and her freezing!  Might just make sure I've got her electric blanket on so she can have a hot bath then jump into bed to warm up!

So far this morning I have finished 3 Dresden Plate blocks, and have the next one all ready to go.  I had planned on taking a break from it after say, 5 blocks... and do something else to break up the monotony.  But... I'm loving doing the blocks and if I keep it up I will have it ready to join together with the sashings before I know it.

WEIGHT: having a few issues with slip ups in the past couple of weeks.  It's so hard to stay on track some days.
I think the weather has something to do with it.

I am cold... and eating cold food is not working for me... sushi?  Salad? They don't warm me up!
Might have to make soup... but I'm not a fan of soup without toast.  *sigh*

Better get me thinking cap on...

I'm home from Hospice and guess what?
Seriously, I cannot believe it myself.  There must be something wrong with me today.

Or ... there was just nothing I wanted to buy!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the helpful lunch suggestions, I really need to try some of the ideas.  
Left overs: we either don't have any, or the men take it for their lunches, or we freeze it for Lacy and Keera!  

I've got to go now and cook dinner.... beef stir fry with Udon noodles.  Yummmm.

End of Day:  can't believe how cold it has become in the past week!  Not that I am worried about it... I am over being too hot!
Might do a little sewing before bedtime.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Hot shower and electric blanket mmmm can't wait for that!!

  2. Samuel loved Griffins hair AND SAID NO don't cut it leave it spiked u look SKUXX Griffin so says Samuel!!! whatever that means. We have atrocious weather here too, and COLD cold no surprises there.

  3. have your soup with a crusty wholemeal roll. will make all the difference!

  4. Griffin is rather gorgeous!! Love his hair spiked :)
    Dante is gorgeous too of course! All your grandbabies are gorgeous!
    I must admit I am struggling with lunches as don't feel like salads... so am having stir frys, or just cooking up a piece of fish/chicken and some veggies - then reheating them for lunch! Soup sounds like a great idea but I am like you - toast goes with soup... but on my program there are some soups which sound rather tasty so I must get on with it and make some at some stage!

  5. I'm having hot kumara/carrot/onion/cheese fritters! I also make no wheat buns to have with my soup and they really taste like a wholemeal bun! I have a recipe too for cheese muffins, salmon muffins etc. Great for days like this and you can freeze them and just get them out when you want. The cheese muffins are also great with soup :)

  6. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Chris - try drinking your soup out of a coffee mug. I tend to not want crackers to go with it when I drink it. Good luck!

    Ky Girl

  7. Anonymous2:28 PM


    Griffin and Dante are both so handsome!



  8. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Mashed vegetables work for me mainly made up with cauliflower and sweet potato fills me and keeps me warm

  9. Griffin has such beautiful eyes! Handsome fellow. Dante is just soooo....cute. Nearly makes me broody (again).

    Love, LOVED the bag, and baggie inside. So clever. One of my elderly neighbours has taken pity on me (or is appalled at my lack of sewing skills, more like), and is going to give me sewing lessons! I am unreasonably excited? I've always wanted to be able to sew..I can knit, crochet etc; give me any power tool, or a nice Tig welder, and I'm good to go, but sewing? Not so much.

    It's nippy here tonight, and I have my electric blanket warming up the bed, too. So snuggy. Having another huge thunderstorm...I LOVE a good storm!

  10. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I have been having baked sweet potato over here in cold and wet melbourne. i put coleslaw (without dressing) pineapple gherkin spring onion and tuna on mine with a little bit of feta... maybe a idea for you?
    Ashlee x

  11. I just remembered another yummy thing for lunch... leftovers! Keep a little from dinner the night before and it is delicious the next day!

  12. Once you get out of the habit of having toast with your soup you don't mis it. Especially if you have a really chunky type soup with lots of beans & veges in.

    I love Griffins hair too :-)

  13. Lynda no wheat buns are a great idea for with soup. I made some last night and had 1 for lunch today. They are yummy without the sugar hit. :)

  14. Oh Griffin is a handsome young man. I can see the resemblence with Keera. Dante is cute as a button!!! The pic of Dante with Bex is so sweet and I love the one with Steve and his baby.
    I love the bag!!! You are so talented!!!

    God Bless~

  15. What a beautiful gift you have made - ya clever thing!!! xxx

  16. I made up veggie fitters, vege soup (which I have with a grain roll) or another favourite is zucchini slice.
    Good luck Chris, you are doing so well.

  17. Fritata,omelette, mini quiches reheated, but am I remembering you don't like eggs a lot?

    Also, toast isn't so bad if it is two pieces not 4 or whatever, with tuna or salmon, relish, cucumber and tomato slices. Can be on the cooler side but I find the protein fills me up and I don't need more toast afterwards. But now I think about it maybe it was tuna you aren't that keen on? I clearly have a terrible memory!

    Will keep thinking on this, need some more ideas myself ;-)

    Babies are gorgeous, but so is Griffin, I agree! Penny xo

  18. I am lucky to get relatively normal pictures of my stepkids too! They always want to stick out their tongues, make faces, get into silly poses, etc. Now I don't recognize them in pictures if they are acting normal, ha ha.

    The bags are so cute! Did you make both of them? Great job!


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