Friday, May 10, 2013


So... tis Friday... and I for one am happy about that.
It's been a long week, and very wet.   And cold.
I still prefer this weather though.  

I tried to go off my Anti depressants... cold turkey.  Stupid Idea!

Yesterday afternoon I felt sick as a dog, so took me pills when I got home from Hospice.  They knocked me out!  I couldn't keep me eyes open at all.

Lesson learnt.  DON'T stop taking them cold turkey, and don't take them too early in the evening!

Today we shall pop over to New Lynn and pick up me sewing machine.  
I hope like hell it's all fixed, or seriously, I'm likely to have a conniption and do something very, very bad.  Like throw it through their bloody window!

Oh, this is what I found yesterday at the Hospice Shop:

ABOVE:  a well loved cake stand.  Tonight is me meal 'off'... so there might just be a cake on it tonight.  But not for long, cos we will eat it.  lol

Right, I'll bugger off and get the day started... I'll be back later... as per usual.


So... we drove over to New Lynn to get my Lemon.... oh sorry, I mean my amazingly expensive  Husqvarna LEMON.  And the mechanic immediately said "you have been using the wrong presser foot for this stitch, and that is your problem".  And I said "And you know exactly what stitch I have been using then do you?"

So typical of them to try and lay the blame for THEIR hideously expensive machine being a bloody LEMON on me.  

I had been using the 'universal' presser foot.  

So anyway, he did concede that the thread cutter was needing to be replaced  AGAIN.  And then told me I should work out how to do that myself in future.

Ummm... in the Warranty it clearly says NOT to do any repairs yourself or by an unauthorised person, or you invalidate the warranty. LIKE HELL I'm going to do it myself!

I have yet to try sewing on it today.  I'm busy making a cake!

Ginger cake.  For dinner.

Yeah, just joking.  The cake is for dessert.  I'm giving the family a 'quick 'n' easy' dinner though.  Saveloy's and baked beans/spaghetti.  THEN cake:

ABOVE:  Gooey Gingerbread Cake.  If you want the recipe (I've posted it many times!)... do a Google search:  Diet Coke Rocks, Gooey Ginger Cake.   It will come up!

J0:  No, you are not doing it wrong!  It's just the name of it... I didn't 'name' it either!  lol
It is just divine though eh? *smiles*

End of Day:  lovely dinner, lovely day... and tomorrow will be lovely too.
We are going to Hamilton for the day.  Just because we can... oh and there's this little fabric shop in Gordonton...
nite nite


  1. leanne7:03 AM

    Going off cold turkey is not a good idea, its horrible, I recently went off them and lowered them at first from 75mg a day to 37Mg for a week, then I had them every second day for a week then every third day for a week, I still had some effects but no where near as bad as cold turkey, this was done with the help of my Dr and over a month I was able to get of them, I hope you are feeling better today :)

  2. I agree with Leanne. I have never been on anti-depressants but when I came off HRT I did it the same way. Half dose for awhile, then every other day etc. It is extremely dangerous apparently to come off them fast.

    Also when (not if, I'm sure - if you are like me) you get the hot flushes again, there seem to be a few other remedies out there. I'm currently trying one and I've had a few people suggest a couple more.

  3. No to cold turkey! Love the cake stand.When you go to pick up your machine take some material with you and try it in the shop before you take it home-just a suggestion that might save frustration if you get it home and it'sstill not right.

  4. I agree with the others, stopping cold turkey not a good idea. Just do it slowly. No point in feeling like crap.

  5. No, Fluffy did that, didn't take his pills for a few days, and I tell you, I almost split us up. NEVER go cold turkey on those suckers.

    I didn't even realise your machine was in the shop. Did I miss that bit? What happened this time? It has behaved itself for so long too! I remember all the fun you have had with it!


  6. I've been having massive sweet cravings today. I want cake!! ;)

  7. yuuummmm............dribble dribble


  8. Righto - going cold turkey off any medication is just plain stupid! You should know this! Weaning off on the advice of a medical professional is the only way to go! Lecture over.

    Take the machine back and tell them to stick it up their arse!

    And..... why is that cake called "Gooey" ginger cake? I've made it several times (from your recipe) and as blissfully divine as it is, there is nothing "gooey" about it! Am I doing something wrong?

  9. As above said WHY? wean off dont DO that again ok. AND I AM NOT looking at any cake I refuse too ESCPECIALLY that gooey Ginger Cake it is EVIL!!

  10. Sorry Chris ... but I have to agree with Jo. Please don't go cold turkey with anti-depressants. They are not designed to be used like that. A medical professional should be overseeing anY withdrawal of anti-depressants. I work in the mental health area and it really is a big no-no to go cold turkey(I'm not a clinician but have sat through enough education sessions on it).

    Now on to other things ... I LOVE the look of that cake and it is taking all my willpower to stop myself from making one right now. I will try and be strong though! Lol.

  11. Have a great weekend!

    live detelts

  12. You're doing so great!! That machine, I swear I can't believe how awful those people are. I know they really WANT you to void the warranty, but you're not stupid!! Good grief.

  13. Looks yummy but for some reason I don't like gingerbread. I've tried it several times!

    I've been craving some sweets something awful this week!


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