Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Right... I said I did some sewing last night, and I did.
I had made a cushion front a couple of years ago, but then never actually made it into a cushion... so I 're-purposed' it and made it into a soft cover for me sewing machine:

ABOVE:  I had to add the blue fabric to make it fit like a cover should.  I must admit I have never done a cover before, and certainly not without a pattern.

I'm surprised at how easy it was at the end of the day!

I found the ONE drawback of having my sewing area part of our 'BEDROOM':

ABOVE:  The man wanted to go to bed, so I had to stop sewing.  I just have the top stitching to finish on the sewing machine cover.  I will get it done today sometime.

ABOVE:  Bex made her first ever soft Baby Book... she is rather chuffed with herself!
Now she wants to make more.... as gifts for friends who have babies.

ABOVE:  another 'first'... changing the needle on the machine.  

ABOVE:  I asked her to clean the fronts of the cupboards ... so she did.  AND she cleaned the extractor thingee above the stove too.  She's rather handy to have around, I hate having to stand up on the bench, I always feel like I'm going to fall.

ABOVE:  I moved stuff around in this room AGAIN.  Gives us a bit more room in the middle, which will be nicer once I get a rug for there.  Got me eye on one I saw online last night.  Waiting to see if it's still available.

TODAY:  Bex has a Dr's appointment down in Manukau, so we shall go to the mall and I will look after Dante while she's at the Dr's.  Lacy and Keera are meeting us there, so we shall probably have lunch there.  Not sure.

After that I'm on duty at the Hospice Shop.


ABOVE:  spew spew... orange!  Bex likes orange so she chose this picture.  

While we were out this morning I had several really nasty hot flushes, so bad in fact that I felt sick.  So... I'm going to stay home this afternoon and try and get some sleep, I'm feeling really spaced out and weird.

Off to have a headache pill and lie down now.

Well... we are in the midst of a big Thunder and Lightening storm!  It's been going on for almost two hours.
I saw it coming and ran !!! YES RAN outside and grabbed in all the washing in the nick of time!

I managed to catch a few short videos of the lightening too... once they are processed I shall post them.  Tomorrow no doubt.

Oh and there have been water spouts too... which are tornadoes over water.  I didn't see them.

It's now freezing.

End of Day:  the storm was neat to watch.  Dinner was lovely, chicken and rice with veges... Bex did it.
nite nite


  1. Great looking book, bex is very creative

  2. Wow, Bex did a great job on the book....someone has taught her well.

  3. I see flowers on the table!! They are pretty. I think the dining is good this way (for now, I know you'll change it soon... hehe).

    That book Bex made is amazing - was it a kitset thing? Lovely. I too use a cover on my sewing machine but your new one puts my horrible thing to shame.

  4. Wow! That book Bex made is fabulous! Am sure people will be queuing up for them!! Like Jeanie said - you have taught her very well indeed!!!
    Like the new layout - looks spacious!
    And well done to Bex with all that cleaning!

  5. Love your cover - really colourful - and the book too !!!
    I hope you feel better by now - hot flushes SUCK BIG TIME !!!
    Take care !

  6. I was driving to a meeting during that thunder & lightning.

    I love Bex's book, she is a very talented young lady.

  7. That is a colourful cover and how clever you are , BOY Bex little book is super, her friends will love them. IM GLAD its her up there too but boy I don't envy those plates eeeekkkkk what if they fell!

  8. Hang on to Bex , she seems a useful girl to have around .

  9. I thought that by now, you had your private sewing room. You should tell Stew to sleep during normal sleeping hours!

    must iedity

  10. I have that problem when I craft at the desk in my room too.

    Maybe you were having pressure from the storm coming!

  11. I love the cover you mad and the soft baby book is adorable. She should make millions of them.


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