Monday, May 06, 2013


Now that Bex has spent a good deal of time with the kids over the school holidays, I'm not the only one celebrating their return to school today!  *smiles*  On a whole they were fairly good, but their silly squabbles get on ya nerves after a while.
Neither of them has a lot of tolerance towards each other.  Rather typical for boy/girl siblings.


FIRST HINT OF WINTER.... and I run for the flannelet!

I spent a good half an hour last night putting the electric blanket on our bed, along with flannelet sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases.  

I may HATE being hot, but I also don't particularly like being cold either.  BUT, if you are cold you can put more on, turn on a heater and warm bedding eh?

In summer, you can't strip off and run around naked, jump in the closest pool and so on.  And then there's the mozzies to contend with too.

So... I am loving the cooler weather.  

Today we take Dante to Plunket for his 5 month check up.
We are eagerly anticipating his weigh in.  I'm sure he will have had a very impressive gain.

*** RE:  my latest update on PEPSI.  After consideration all weekend, I think our first port of call will be with the person involved, NOT a 2nd person.  Yes, we think this behaviour is likely a call for help/lack of control/lack of personal identity etc.  Thanks for all your input girls.  I'm glad now we didn't just go ahead with our first thought and get a 2nd person involved before thinking it over some more.

Sorry to all who have no idea what that is all about.


So.  I'm sitting at my computer, reading the news... minding me own business when this little person starts yelling at me!
Seriously, he was yelling at me... like... Grandma!  I'm down here!

So I grab my water bottle (YES, MY water bottle) and sit it on his lap...

ABOVE:  he's like... "WOW, what is that?"

 ABOVE: "Looks interesting..."

ABOVE:  "Hmm... how do I get this up to me mouth, I ain't got these hand things worked out yet"...

 ABOVE: 'YEAH!  Got it... but not before the darn thing banged me smack bang in the middle of me forehead!"

Never mind, I didn't even flinch.  And the red mark should be gone before we go to Plunket!!!

WHOOPS, naughty Grandma.

SHONA:  Me?  Drink Pepsi?  SHUDDER at the thought!  That stuff is revolting!  *smiles*

Our little man now weighs 9 kg... above average and very healthy.  He couldn't take his eyes off the plunket nurse almost the whole time we were there.  So cute.

After Plunket we ventured down to the mall and did a little shopping.  I got a plain black sweatshirt ... which I might titivate with something, maybe some bling?

It's now 1.30 pm and we still have not had lunch, so that's the next thing on me agenda.  

End of Day:  well I'm a bit grumpy tonight.  A few things making me a bit crabby, but I will just have to suck some things up I suppose.
Not feeling very confident of a good loss these last 30 days either.  Can't take me piddle pills, so the fluid I usually manage to pee out isn't getting pee'd out is it!  That means I only pee once or at most twice in a day now.  So it's making me feel ikkk. 
Going to take my crabby self off to bed so I don't have to put up with myself.
nite nite


  1. Back to school! Although that means ME going back to school too which is sucky - especially listening to the rain this morning... could have stayed snuggled in bed!!

    As for the Pepsi - great decision!

    Have a happy child free day!


  2. My friend Jill who blogs as bluebell has the same heel problem , she is having an injection in her heel later this month.
    Dante is looking gorgeous

  3. ((HUG)) Whatever you need to do, you know? I think you have a right to be concerned.

  4. With Pepsi in the heading I was preparing my self for the shock that you were announcing you had moved on to drinking Pepsi now.

    Ha ha ha ha ha............. So relieved with the result :)

  5. God I know what you mean about back to school - we are 2 weeks ahead of the NZ school timetable so ours went back a few weeks ago and it couldnt have come quickly enough!!

    Havent commented on your blog for ages but read all the time. Good on you for the weight loss - keep it up!

  6. You are looking absolutely awesome my friend.

  7. Loving the photos of Dante and yay to being an above average healthy gorgeous baby!!!!
    Hope you enjoyed your afternoon.

  8. Well even down here in Taupo where IT IS way colder than AUCKLAND I dont have flannelette sheets CANT sleep on them yuck get way too hot AND I sleep by myself stuff sleeping on fluffy sheets with someone NAH! Boudoir looks nice though!

  9. Your bedroom looks o cosy. I'm loving he cooler eager coming as well, feel for ou with the fluid building up, hope it sorts itself out. I believe some herbal teas may help.

  10. Jill, blogger bluebell has had the heel injection .
    Her verdict , fantastic , pain free .

  11. I like it hot, the hotter the better. No matter how hot it gets, I can always cool off, but when it's cold, I can never get warm.

    john omenefte

  12. Is the dr telling you not to take the water pills? Sucks :(


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