Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday I was given ANOTHER AWARD! I think it's cos I make SASSY smile! She likes me. Awwwwwww. I am supposed to share some ACHIEVEMENTS on my blog! Well...... achievements eh? How about I have achieved much..... and will achieve even more? Will that do? I reckon.

5 (or so) Bloggers I pass it on to:

-Anne... for being there for her husband and always being a trouper.

- Daddy Forever... for helping make 4 totally gorgeous children!.. and being inordinately proud of it!

- Daniela ... for her amazing photography (and grandsons)

- Karen Deborah... for managing to fracture BOTH her ankles from working too hard!

- Jaxx... for her tireless work in ensuring her kids get the best help available to them.

- Leslie and Dave ... for their hard slog in losing weight, and being neat parents.

- Nola... for achieving the art of throwing up gracefully (I hope!)

- Laura... for managing to grow her veges UPSIDE DOWN!

- Slyde... for getting his home renovated to a point where it is beautiful!

- Sparklingmerlot.... for following my lead and doing patchwork!

- Terri... for being an amazing Mum to Matthew and building an equally amazing LOG CABIN!

Right! That's IT. I think I should stop there.
I am going to patchwork class today.... to hopefully finish my 'Book of Stitches' with the LOANER machine. God help that shop if this one dies on me!!!
I will fill you in on that later....
WOOO HOOOO... My new Header is a work in progress... just have to work out how to get it to fit right across the top ( if anyone knows how I can do this with a 'normal' photo do tell ).... but for now.. It's patchwork class!
Patchwork class was fun today... lots of yakking, laughing and just chilling out. I stayed till lunchtime then came home a made some lunch.. and that's it for now!
Taking the kids to swimming lessons after school...
The new 'Header' is just a photo I took .... I composed the bottles etc on my lovely piece of Aussy Batik fabric... then just added the words with the computer. Just wish I knew how to make it extend right across the top!
YES! I got the header sorted to my liking.. just took a LOT of pissing around with the photo in editing ....
I have wasted a shit load of time on that today! Hopefully I won't feel the need to change it again for a while. Must get on with feeding the kids now.... been to swimming and Griffin is STARVING....
End of Day: me computer spat the dummy tonight, so I havn't been able to read/comment on blogs for the last couple of hours..Pfffft. Will catch up tomorrow..off to bed now... got a hot sexy man awaiting.... *snigger*.... nite nite.


  1. Hey, thanks for the bloggy love!

  2. Bloody hell.....you KNOW how much I LOVE awards!!! I MIGHT write something.....

  3. Aw, thanks, Chris!

    I am taking my overlocker back to the shop after work. They said something about the timing. Hopefully it won't be a big issue.

    Enjoy your sewing day and good luck with the loaner. Hope YOUR machine will be back as good as new (well, better than new, eh?!)

  4. Man, I hope your machine works this time. If anything else happens, please make them give you a new one! :P

  5. yep that is an award I totally deserve!

  6. ps love the new bloggy look with the fab hair do!

  7. Oh, how sweet, thank you so much. How did you make that header? It's gorgeous. I've been wanting to make something like that, but am not at all creative enough to pull it off...Love ya tons...have fun in class.

  8. Congrats and thanks for the award. So, how do I collect on the cash prize that goes with the award?

  9. The header looks good! I've tried making headers for my blog too. They just never seem to convert from my pallete to the header and stay looking the same. It's odd lol

  10. Love the new header!!!

  11. The header is beautiful! :)

  12. Ohhh I love the new header it looks great!

  13. Hey, here's an achievement you need an award for - not slogging that chick in the machine shop yesterday! That's worth something!


  14. I got mine to work by resizing the pic in an image editor (photoshop or similar) to close to the size I wanted. Then I clicked the Edit HTML tab and browsed through there till I found the piece of code I was looking for and resizing it to fit there.

    But I'm a bit of a geek.... =)

    Like to drop by and read occasionally. Through Ramblings of a Weight Challenged Fat Chick.

  15. Aren't you sweet? Thanks for the award!

    And I LOVE your new header!

  16. Whoa! Thank you so much! Although I give all my credit to the missus - if not for her, I wouldn't be losing the weight.

    Now I just need to start commenting again...(sigh)

  17. love the new header, looks great!!

  18. thanks for the love... love the header!!! and i hope the loaner works cause i woudl pity the soul.... LOL
    Love n hugs

  19. i have graciously thanked you for the award in my blog today!

  20. Cute new header. Congrats on the award. You're not wasting time when you are doing something you love. Good luck with the computer, seems all the appliances are giving you a hard time.

  21. Love the header! When the kids get back in school I'm going to have to sign up for something to I have regular interaction with other adults.

  22. YOU do make me smile.....actually you CRACK ME UP! I ♥ you! Thank you...your the best and the busiest...and ooooozing with talent....LOVE THE NEW HEADER...but what happened to BOOBS DO NOT?


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