Monday, March 13, 2023


 Late last night I headed into the sewing room and did the first fish on the new runner...

ABOVE:  A fish... well actually a whale!  Isn't he cute?  He's a start, two more fish to do, then weed, bubbles etc.  I'd like to get this one finished for next Saturday's market.

But first up for today, I've got Aqua Jogging at 10, which gives me plenty of time to do the housework before I leave.

Then when I get home I can get back to the sewing.

I reckon it's gunna be a good day.   

I WOULD have Weight Watchers tonight, but I have decided to switch back to the Tuesday night meeting, because it just makes sense to go to the meeting that is 1 km from home, instead of 13 kms eh?  With the cost of petrol now days, it's prudent not to be wasteful.  And it doesn't take long to get to the Rototuna meeting compared to the Melville one.

So, WW tomorrow night.

Catch ya later.

11.57 am:  There was a different instructor at Aqua Jog today.  She's filling in for a couple of weeks.

Her routine focused primarily on legs, and a little bit of arms, but not much.

I'm glad I went in with no expectations this time.  Part of the time I followed the routine, and part of the time I did my own thing, adding more arm work in.

It was a good workout overall for me.

Home, showered and just about to have my left over chicken 'n' vege bake for lunch.

I tried ringing my Medical Centre for my Hba1c results.  After half an hour being shunted from one number to another, and being put on hold twice... I drove down there.  I was FURIOUS.

The receptionist was NOT ON THE PHONE, so I have no idea why I was on hold for over half an hour.

I kinda lost my shit at them.  Then cried.

Then fumed at them some more.

BUT... I did manage to get my Hba1c result.

ABOVE: THAT cheered me up.  And I wanted to ring me Mum to let her know how well I was doing.  Only, I remembered, she's dead.

Moments like that hurt all over again.

So anyway, got over the horrible feeling in the pit of me guts ... and I went over to Bex's and showed her instead.

ABOVE:  August 2022 I was at 121, which is off the chart, EXTREMELY high.

November 2022 I was at 83, a huge drop.

Today?  I'm at 55 !

Like 55 is considered NORMAL for a diabetic.


Can we have a huge congrats?  

I'll wait.

I'm so damn happy with myself.

DOWN 66 points!  MORE than half the number I was.

I got some sewing done this afternoon, but not as much as I'd like.  I've got a damn crick in me neck which is slowing me down a bit.

Time to stop sewing and just get me feet up for a while.

I'm going to have a fruit smoothie for dinner.  Not sure what Stew's having, something good I hope.  😂😊😋

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I just started "trying" to get back on the healthy wagon. The past few days I have been really watching what I eat and actually getting HUNGRY between meals. (I haven't felt actual hunger in ages, I am embarrassed to admit) I am curious about this chicken and veg bake you speak of. Sounds good and healthy!

  2. Wow what a fantastic result Chris. Well done, I’m so happy for you, you have done soo well

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so proud and happy for you. It's less than HALF from August 2022. WOW!

  4. Congratulations - that is a massive achievement. You are doing so well.

  5. Congratulations. I am proud of you. Hugs.

  6. Rhonda3:21 PM

    Absolutely fantastic result! Congratulations 👏

  7. Well done Chris. Looking better is always lovely but this takes the cake.

  8. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Congratulations X a billion!!!! Your hard work is showing in so many way. Keep up the good and positive new life style!!

  9. Well done! Can you ask your gp about Manage My Health. They give you a password, and you log in, then all blood test results are available straight away on your phone.

    1. Oh I've got Manage My Health, and I check it often for results. BUT my Medical Centre are utterly slack and don't update it unless you press them to. And by then I've already got the results by ringing or going down like today to get them.


  11. That is absolutely fantastic results so very well done and served.

  12. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Woo hoo! Congratulations on the results. You must feel so proud of yourself!

  13. Nemmaline6:18 PM

    Also sorry that moments like that remind you of the loss of your mum. But glad that you could go and share the news with Bex.

  14. You certainly can have a HUGE CONGRATS! Well done!

  15. Well done Chris, that is fantastic. Keep doing what you are doing, it's the very best thing you can do. You must be feeling better with more balanced blood sugar.

  16. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Hi that is a fabulous result...go you....Peta

  17. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Chris that is absolutely fantastic - and all your hard work and consistency is being well rewarded in a amazing result and now you are incorporating regular exercise too. You bloody deserve this - and am so happy that you are acing it big time - BOOM. I am sure your mum always knew you would ace this because you just needed for all the pieces to come together at the right time - its such a mind challenge all this. Maybe there are other people in the water aerobics class that are frustrated like you and would like a more challenging routine - I guess you at least are having a routine by going even if you are not strictly following their routine. Well done again Chris - you totally deserve this outcome. Maria (Australia)

  18. Congratulations and Well Done Chris. That is a great drop.

  19. Way to go Chris!! Another stress bites the dust!
    You're looking marvellous too, spit spit spit. Gotta keep that evil eye away

    1. OMG 'spit spit spit'... that's so funny. Thanks for a laugh. And keeping the evil eye away of course.

  20. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Congratulations on your news Chris and well done on the weight loss

  21. Woohooo, awesome results Chris...yay to being normal. 😃 😊

  22. Well done Chris! Keep up the good work.

  23. RuthW in MD4:14 AM

    What wonderful news!! Congratulations! Oh, I bet it felt good to chew out that medical staff and then get that glorious number.

  24. WTG you are doing great!


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