Saturday, March 11, 2023



I've hit a diet plateau.  Which means I have to change something to get the number moving down again.

ABOVE:  Do we think this will work?

ABOVE:  This.   Is so true.

And something I am trying to do, nah...  


After doing our morning jobs/routine, I'm going to drag Stew out for a walk ... or a swim.

One or the other.  Kinda like the idea of a swim.

Let's see where we end up .... catch ya later.

BLONDIE:  A cheat day is the very last thing I need.  I'm still showing a gain!  though I am pretty sure a lot of it is water, as my legs were puffy yesterday.

As for walking up MOUNT Maunganui... I don't 'do' hills, and that is a freaking MOUNTAIN!
So yeah, nah.
We are going to do a mall walk... just haven't made up our minds which mall to do yet.

Stew is down at the supermarket doing his weekend shop, then we will be going out somewhere for our walk, followed by a healthy lunch.
No more chippy sandwiches !

12.30 pm:  And Stew and I did our walk.
But not before stopping in at Early Settler for some flowers for the dining table.
Ones that don't die.

ABOVE:  We were also lucky enough to find another cow cushion, it was half price.  SCORE!

Then off we went to Chartwell Square for our walk, followed by a Subway sandwich for lunch.

ABOVE:  Another slightly shorter walk today, dodging people in the mall got tiresome.

ABOVE: As we left the mall we made a donation to the Child Cancer Foundation, and got a photo with their Stormtrooper.  
LOL, I've never even seen Star Wars.

But he was posing for photos, so why not?  ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Š

I'm not as camera 'shy' now... feeling much more confident in how I look.

Oh and just thought I'd mention this.  At Subway we usually have 3 meats/3 cheeses on our sandwich.  It works out to be a very expensive sandwich.  So in future I'm going to take in a small sealed container with my own Ham/Bacon and cheeses, that way the sandwich should only be around $12 each, NOT $24 each!  

Stew is now out in the garden, and I'm about to do some washing etc.

Super afternoon.  Stew got all the lawns mown, weeding and edges done AND he washed our cars.
I don't think mine had been washed in about 2 years.

While he did that, I worked in the sewing room.
I've got another fish runner almost ready for stitching.  And being a contrary tart, I went back to my original plan, and made one of my 'own' fish runners.  I'm leaving the panel one till after the next market.

I'm so damn hot now.  My glasses are fogging up, I can hardly see.  It is rather hot working in the sewing room.  Stew keeps telling me to turn the air con on, but I'm a scrooge when it comes to power consumption!
I just suffer instead.  I know that's dumb, but it's just how I am.

I'm having a few crackers/ham 'n' cheese for dinner.  Certainly don't need much after our lunch.

Rhonda:  Yes I do have cheese a most days.  But in small quantities.  It's probably my only 'vice'.  And I'm not giving it up, and I'm not tracking it, or worrying about how many calories are in it.

And now... I'm watching some 'murder/who done it' movie before going to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.  


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Teeheehee - the mouse trap made me laugh. Good luck on your diet reset. Ky Girl

  2. I still can't figure out how to comment from my phone. Even, when I try to "log in". It says I have to check my browser config or some such nonsence, but I AM logged in. I don't want to be "anonymous". POO
    Anyhow, hello from an actual browser!

  3. What about a long hike up Mr Maunganui and big walk then swim shock the body ……
    A chest day then liquid day smoothie soups etc?

  4. It sounds like you've been doing so well with choices lately and the subsequent weight losses that have gone with it. Don't forget that with the extra exercise thrown in you will be building on your muscles which may be factoring on the scales initially too. Fluid retention could definitely be a factor too. Have a great day ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Love the mouse trap lol. I only lost .600 last week and .800 this week. Need to do more walking again. Love your blog Chris.

  6. Your weight loss is showing. Especially when you're hiding the girls behind a cushion. Know that feeling. If it wasn't for them we would look super slim!! Have you been fitted for a bra recently? With the loss they might appreciate a decent bit of hoisting.

  7. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I love that top you are wearing๐Ÿ˜

  8. Sounds like me. Bringing extra sandwich goodies.

  9. Rhonda7:24 PM

    The dreaded diet plateau. As you say changing what you are eating and when and particularly portions can shake things up. You are doing fabulous and looking great. Do you choose lot fat cheese varieties? Just wondering as you seem to include a lot of cheese in your diet. It’s extremely high in kilojoules. I know you are not tracking and not omitting any foods for long term sustainability (and I totally agree with what you are doing) but maybe limiting cheese included in one meal a day could make a difference. Anyway, I wouldn’t overthink too much because you’ve got this girl and clearly what you are doing has got you this far.

  10. When we get subway I just get the sub of the day. 2six inch subs cost &11.70 a cheap lunch.


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