Friday, March 03, 2023


 Here's a few more photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  Found a lovely interiors shop in the main Mt Manganui shopping street.  They have the most gorgeous handmade rugs which come from Morocco.  One day I will get a new rug for our family room from here.

ABOVE:  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.  The water was warm!  We were very surprised at the number of people in the water, on the beach and in the shops.  

ABOVE:  Clearly I had to take a photo of this shop.  πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

ABOVE:  On our way home the sunset was just lovely.

And now... back to today.  Stew is at work today.

I am going to work in the sewing room.

And that is all for now.

9.28 am:  First up for the day... I went for a walk using my new backpack.
I tried putting ice packs in the drink bag, but because the back is padded, it made no difference.  So instead, I took me drink.
It felt so light on my back!
I did a nice little walk in my neighbourhood.

ABOVE:  I have driven under this footbridge a gazillion times and wondered how to get on it.

ABOVE:  Today I decided to find out.  It was a nice change, in a different direction to what I usually go in.  Today's walk was only 2.3 kms.  I didn't feel like doing more.  

4 pm:  Since my walk:

- Bex visited me, which was lovely.
- I did some annoying housework.
- It got hot.
- My motivation to a bloody thing disappeared

So.  I've done nothing else today except watch some stupid shit on You Tube and Instagram.

I wish I  had some direction in my life right now.
But I don't.

Sorry.  I even feel like quitting blogging again.
My life is hardly read worthy.

NOT a plug for sympathy btw... just stating how I'm feeling right now.

I did some weeding!  yep.  And I loathe gardening.  Fuck I must be bored.

Now?  Watching bloody TV till bedtime.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Griffin Surfboards! Lovely Day.
    Here I am, waiting to get some warmer days so that the snow will start melting. I am more than ready!

  2. You can walk there from home? That looks like a dandy place to walk.

  3. 2.3 kms is 2.3 kms more than I have done in a looooong time.

  4. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I walk with the dogs a couple times a day and do 1-1.5 miles each time, which is a similar distance.

    I have found this range prevents problems with my feet and back. And it is not a huge time commitment. We do a brisk pace.

    Bonus, the dogs love it. And they motivate me to walk 2x every day, unless it is pouring or icy sidewalks.


  5. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Yell at me if I’m not on the right track. Any little part time jobs in craft / wool shops etc where you’re mixing with others, care giving etc. ask at your Ww meeting if anyone is keen to join a walking group, do you have pool nearby I remember you from aqua classes a good way to exercise and socialise. You’ve done it before but probably are over kids but teacher aid work , my daughter loves it. Voluntary work of any kind. Probus clubs I’m in one and along with a monthly meeting, they have all sorts of weekly activities happening.

    Are you yelling yet? You could also share your talent doing a craft course from your home. Anne - Palmy

  6. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I can’t hear you yelling yet! Also you’ve gone through an amazing weight loss journey surgery etc you have a story to tell and you are a good writer maybe by a book!

  7. You don't have to do something productive every day.There is nothing wrong with having a day or a few days where you just chill, watch crappy TV/YouTube etc.

  8. I’ve been stuck at home Covid central batch #2 bored ASF.

    FB YouTube instagram after 5 days I’m going flippin stir crazy.

    1. Well that sucks! Feel better soon chick.

  9. I totally understand what you are saying. I have never joined and volunteer work because I don't want to be tied down as we were away a lot. Now we are on the road a lot thankfully we meet up with lovely people at the parks we stay at but I think making friends at this stage of our life is pretty difficult. I really don't know what you can do with yourself but getting out for short walks is great. Could you perhaps join a local fitness group? I don't mean a gym, rather a group for slightly older ladies? Line dancing? Yoga? Pilates? I don't know what would interest you but I bet there is a group out there somewhere.

  10. Love ya wet dog nite pic he looks a bit bedraggled

  11. Kiwionholidays10:47 PM

    What a neat day out you guys had at The Mount,
    The pics are fab and love the surf shop named after Griifin✅πŸ₯and also neat you did the meetup,
    Even though The Mount and Tauranga have grown hugely in the last 20 years we still have fab memories of being there ..

    Hope you’re feeling better to tomorrow Chris , There’s so many adjustments we all make after 50 and know that Having Stew and Ones near and dear means we can face things together ,,

    What a game tonight the first one up

    Good ole Crusaders are back on track ✅πŸ’—
    Take care catchup soon
    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  12. I hear you, my days are just like yours. Bored silly, cannot wait for the weather to get warmer, so sick of snow and ice. Winter for me is a waste of my time.
    You had a lovely day out, that sunset gorgeous.
    Hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

  13. Your blog is like a diary. We are just sharing it with you. Slow, sewing, weeding, bingewatching days are to be expected. Don't worry about being busy or entertaining. Your blog feels like a phone conversation on the way home from work. "How was your day?" the blog is your answer. It doesn't have to be thrilling, exotic, dramatic, etc... It's simply "your day".

  14. I for one am not tired of reading your blog. Keep on posting.


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