Wednesday, March 15, 2023


 Today I was going to Aqua Jogging, but plans have changed.

And that is fine, I have a concession ticket for the class, so won't lose a thing.  I can rebook myself for another day.

Instead of swimming, I shall be going over to Steve 'n' Bex's to babysit one sick boy, and one injured boy.  (minor injury, nothing to worry about).

I've not mentioned it as it's not my news to tell, but now I suppose I will.

Bex has a part time job.  She started THIS WEEK, and of course the boys now need babysitting.

Because it's only for the morning, I am perfectly happy to pop over and watch them for the morning.  They will be happier in their own home, and I can take me laptop with me and just hang out there till Bex gets home.

Once Bex gets back (lunchtime), I shall go home and get on with my fish runner.   If I pull my finger out, I should get it almost finished, if not finished, today.

Then I can relax knowing I've got plenty of all sorts of runners etc for the next few markets.

Catch ya later.

7.58 am. At Bexs. And before I forget... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEX. 

Now to just sit here and relax.

ABOVE: Dogstars, yes I did bring the girls with me. This is their second home.
They love it here.

1.30 pm:  And that was a cruisy morning.  The boys were perfect little angels, the dogs were happy as, and I had a chance to put me feet up for an entire morning!  Not something that happens too often.

Once Bex arrived home, I went down to the supermarket for a cake.  The kids are coming over for dinner, so I thought a cake was appropriate.

Although I did virtually nothing all morning, I'm super duper tired.

Stew has been in Auckland since Monday morning, and will be back tonight.
So of course, sleeping was difficult, cos every little noise makes me jump outta me skin!

And last night, I locked up the house like Fort Knox, even locked both my bedroom doors for added peace of mind.

What did I find unlocked when I got up this morning?
Like, what a dick.

Luckily no one decided to break in... it sure wouldn't have been hard.  😖😒😓

While it's a bit late in the day, I'm waiting for my lunch to cook.  Fishcakes layered with tomatoes, cheese, onion, spring onion and potato.  Should be yum once it's ready.  And I'm bloody starving!

8.04 pm:  Well the family had pizza for dinner and then we all have some cake.
I bought a couple of smaller cakes/macaroons, and that was lovely.  Having a choice of flavours was neat.
The macaroons were my favourite, I only had ONE though.

ABOVE:  Bex blowing out the candles.  
They have gone home now, taking all the left overs with them.  No way do we need that stuff in our pantry screaming "EAT ME"!

It's now time to just relax, watch some mindless TV and head off to bed later.  
With a locked front door.  Yeah.


  1. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Happy Birthday to Bex! And how wonderful that you can pop over there and help them out when they need it. That is why I moved near my son and his family. I had a backup system with my mom and my mother-in-law and to this day I am so appreciative of their help when I needed it the most and I will never forget the help they gave me. I hope the sick one and the hurt one both feel better soon. Ky Girl

  2. Get well soon Sick Boy!
    Get Well Soon Injured Boy!
    Enjoy your Grandma time!
    Did she bring the doggies?

  3. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Happy birthday Bex! Congratulations on the job! Love Colleen xx

  4. Happy Birthday Bex and congrats on the job.

  5. That's lovely that Bex has a part time job. I enjoy doing the odd school pickup or sick kid etc. I'm like you when in the house on my own but I do think I would have checked the front door :)

  6. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Happy Birthday Bex - congrats on the job. The boys would love spending time with you and the puppies no doubt. Once I left the house keys in the front door on the outside - like man - how lucky was I - they could have come in made a cuppa and left with the car. It happens its just ironical that you locked everything else. Maria(Australia)

  7. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Will you be looking after the boys tomorrow morning as well if the teachers are on strike? Audrey

  8. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Thank you for the birthday wishes it's been a lovely day. I'm really enjoying my job a nice part time but incredibly busy. Bex

  9. Oh lovely pics happy birthday to you Bex glad you had a lovely day.

  10. Happy Birthday Bex, I hope you had a lovely day and the first day at your new job went well 💕

  11. Happy Birthday to Bex. Good luck with the new job.


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