Saturday, March 18, 2023


 It has been raining on and off all night long.

Hopefully it's going to stop now!

We are up and getting ready to head off to Tamahere for the market.

Fully prepared for some rain in the morning, and for it to be a bit cold.

I've got all the winter gear, AND my big pink Oodie and a blanket too.  

I've got a couple more photos from our dinner visit last night too:

ABOVE: Luna, so snuggly.

ABOVE:  Darling Emily looking ever so fetching!

And now... we better get a move on.

Catch ya later... at market.


ABOVE: Left home in the dark today. But its not freezing yet.
Had some rain during set up but its cleared up now.
Fingers crossed for a good day.

2 pm:  And we are home.
It wasn't a great day, just 'average' for sales.
But we still enjoyed ourselves.  It's always nice to be out and about, meeting people and making connections.
Andrew and the kids came out to visit and had a nice lunch while at the market.

Stew is off soon to do his weekend supermarket shop.
I am probably going to take a nap!
Still a bit 'bothered' by the girly infection, which keeps me awake quite a bit at night.
If it's not markedly better by Monday I shall take myself off to the Doctor to make sure, 100%, that it IS what I think it is.  It might need 'more' aggressive treatment?
Oh the joys of being a girl.

I'm going to have pure yogurt for my dinner this evening, to try and help restore a healthy gut flora.  Anything that might work is worth trying at this point.

I had a fruit smoothie, using yogurt.  Then I put water in the blender to clean it.  Turned it on to mix it up.
FUCK what a mess!
It was spectacular.
Never gunna do that again!
I can laugh now, but at the time... yeah nah.

We had Emily and Liam here for a while this afternoon, until Amanda could pick them up after work.
They were so lovely.  Liam was such a good boy and Emily loves to help me.

Now they are headed home, and Stew and I will sit back and enjoy our evening.
Tomorrow is another day.

Might steer clear of that blender tomorrow!  lol


  1. Luck, Sales, and Fun to you today!

  2. Kiwionholidays12:45 PM

    Stall looks fantastic Chris n Stew n all,,,if we were there would surely come and buy up large,,,

    Love the pic of Emily snoogled up so cute , Also that cuddly pup ,,Awesome,
    Have a fab day

    Cheers 🥂

  3. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Very cute stall!

  4. Oh no re the blender!! An easy mistake to make ... but one you won't make a second time. Have a lovely, relaxing evening 🙂

  5. Oh no!! I made the same mistake with a blender once - only it was full of beetroot dip.... it was not pretty. Looked like I had murdered a muppet...

    I hope the smoothie helps with the "issue" and it's feeling better tomorrow.

  6. Oh how I wish you had video of the blender incident 😂😂😂

  7. I have heard Cranberry juice is good for the "issue", never had the problem you have, so don't know if it helps or not. Nice looking stall, pity sales weren't "fantastic", nice to get out and meet folks though.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. OMG that sounds like such a mess! Glad you had an average day at the market and not a sub par one lol. My first show of the year is April 1st, getting excited for it!


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