Saturday, March 25, 2023



ABOVE:  This is the absolute WORST BIT about doing the Need Wine Cat Hanger.  Cutting out the damn cat!

It is a nightmare.  It is so easy to chop a part off by accident, I have to be so careful.  It's stressful.

Last night I cut out two more with no mishaps thankfully.  

I didn't think I'd be doing any sewing this weekend, as we had planned on going up to Auckland.  But plans have changed.

Now it looks like we will be home after all.

Sad really, cos I was so looking forward to a weekend away.

I'm still hoping we get out somewhere, but probably not far from home.

Actually feeling in a right funk.  So maybe some shopping will help?

I do need some white backing fabric for the Cat Hangers, and some more black thread.  So yeah, a trip to Spotlight is on the cards.  I didn't get there yesterday obviously.

I could buy some dowel for the Cat 'Hangers' too.  Yeah.  That's what we can do for a start.

Something nice to look forward to... our son Steve is cooking dinner for us tomorrow night. Wonder what we will be having ?

2 pm:  Sorry I've not updated till now.

I have been busy getting supplies for the next few Wall Hangings.
Then I prepared two more for stitching:

ABOVE:  I have used a different font for them ... I like the more simple one I think.

I'm now working on the stitching, just finished going around one cat and about to do the other.
Then I'll take a break, cos it's actually quite hard on me eyes and back.

10.40 pm:  Well I got heaps done on those two cat wall hangings.

Young Liam spent a bit of time with us this evening, until Amanda could pick him up after work.  That was nice.  He's a good boy, on his own!

Been watching the telly, there's some good programmes on channel 1 on Saturday night.  Murder/Mystery, my favourite.
But time for bed now, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Those cats would be a nightmare to cut out - you need a Cricut machine!

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Perfect black fabric for the cat!

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I can't imagine cutting those cats out. Yikes!! Ky Girl

  4. I like that new font. What a lot of work for them though!

  5. Penny4:20 PM

    I think the new font contrasts more with how the frazzled cat is feeling! I like it x

  6. Have u ever checked out a cri cut machine for cutting out ya fish abd and cats etc. Probably find one on trademe


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