Tuesday, March 28, 2023


 My latest Kiwiana Runners are slightly different from the 'norm'.

ABOVE:  Can you tell what I've done differently?

I didn't put a border on it, or binding.  It's so much easier to do this way, and quicker, and more economical too.  BUT... still gorgeous!

I utterly love this style of runner.  The colours are so ME.

The 2nd one, which I will finish today, is even longer and slightly narrower too.

I hope they go down well at markets.

Once I've finished that runner, I have an order for 3 Cat Wall Hangings.  So, I think I'll be making about 7 in a row, the ordered ones and more for markets.

Karen D.... thanks for the order.  😊😉💙

Clearly, I will be sewing all day.  I'm not going for a Mall Walk today, getting stuff done in the sewing room is more important.   And as I'm doing Aqua Jogging three times this week, that will suffice.

Teeny tiny yak about weight loss.

I got into a clean nightie last night, and um... excuse me?  It's like so much LONGER now?

What the F?  I shrink a bit and me clothes get LONGER?  How does that happen?

Like ... OK, I get it really.  But it's just WEIRD.

I've got Weight Watchers this evening.  And I always say I don't expect much of a loss, or even a little gain.

But seriously, I was showing a 2 kgs GAIN last week... so I'm not holding out for much tonight.

WHY is it so easy to gain and so hard to lose?  

NOT GIVING UP... I can and will do this.

JUST.  HAVE.  TO.  STOP.  WITH.  THE.  TAKEAWAYS.  And watch portion sizes.  And just try harder.

12.34 pm:  I've been working since 8 am.

I have got three backings done, and one is totally ready for stitching:

ABOVE:  It felt weird putting the word 'GIN' there instead of WINE.  But it's still looking great.

I'm now taking a break.  My back is done for now.

Well, I went DOWN a majestic 200 grams this week! I am ecstatic about that!  No gain this week.
And I'm so glad I don't go to that meeting to make friends.
NO ONE even spoke to me tonight, or even sat by me.  I wish I'd just walked out.
Next week I'm going to weigh and GO.
No point sitting there listening to my own miserable thoughts.

Bitch-fest over.  I'm gunna enjoy a lovely evening with Stew, then off to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I was doing well losing weight and it just stopped. I have an amazing ability to decide to exercise and then procratinate until the next day and it starts over. It is terrible! I google all sorts of exrecises. Do I DO THEM??? NOOOO. Must do better!

  2. I am doing the exercise side but unfortunately the food esp wine & chocolate have crept back in so stagnated again 😬

  3. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I love the colors of your new runner and the no border and I am sure many others will as well. Enjoy your day! Ky Girl

  4. So interesting to see what you are drinking. I am a huge coffee fan and also drink tea but I get what you mean, if you don't like something why drink or eat it when there are so many choices? The runners look very cool, by the way. Weight loss is hard, just don't let it mess with your brain! You can do it. You are doing it! Go you xx

  5. Booze? a drink? You probably have much better generic words for alcohol over there in NZ!

  6. tipple? Is that a thing?

  7. Anonymous7:42 PM

    What is it with some people Chris. They can’t even say hello. More their problem than yours. I don’t get that rubbish though. I used to be on reception at work and time and again people would walk straight past me, so I would shame them in to saying hello until I thought, nah, stuff this, I can live with their rudeness. Marie, Melbourne

  8. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Your boobs might be shrinking if the nighties are getting longer! Lol

    1. I wish! But nah, everywhere but there ... for now.

  9. Well that is a great loss Chris and bugger those others who don't talk. Don't let it put you off.

  10. Any loss is a good loss, well done

  11. Well done on your loss ... it's always a nice surprise when you aren't anticipating it 🙂

  12. Good loss and as for those stuck up tarts up them

  13. All those little numbers add up to bigger numbers.
    Don't let those tarts that can't even say "hullo" stop you from going.

  14. Anonymous12:45 AM

    I thought you did speak to some of the ladies at the meetings?....Peta

    1. Yes I did... at the meetings held on other days. Since I have gone back to the one meeting held in my area its been horrible. If the other meetings were closer I'd go back to them. But they are so much further away. I might have to consider it. 😞

  15. Whoa!!! Hold on a minute! You are not shy or timid. Maybe all those ladies are sitting there thinking the same thing. That everyone is boring and rude... Say hello. Don't give up. yet.....


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