Friday, March 17, 2023


 Late yesterday I'm happy to say, I finished the next Fish Runner.

I think I've made 3 more of them for the next few markets?  I can't remember.

But I know I've been rather slack and could have made a lot more.

My motivation for churning then out has waned, probably due to it coming into the winter-ish months, when markets are a lot slower.

So demand isn't as high.

And that's fine by me!  I don't want my markets to become too stressful, with having to just work like a dog to keep up.  It's supposed to be FUN.

If it ever stops being fun, I shall stop doing it.

Quite simple really.

My life now is all about being happy in what we are doing, in Stew's and my life together at this stage of our lives.

No stress, or as little as possible.  And just enjoy our lives.  We deserve it.

It's market prep day for me.
So I've been ironing bowl cosys, runners and zippered pouches.
Making sure everything in ready for loading into the car for market tomorrow.
I'm also getting more bits 'n' bobs to put inside the zippered pouches, to give people ideas on how to use them.  Some people have NO IDEA what they can be used for.
In fact, I'm even going to take a bag of rice with me to show they can even be used as a door stop!

Dante is spending the morning with me as his cough is still present.
Since COVID,  no kid can show the slightest hint of a bloody cold, because they will just be sent home.  I wonder how long this will last?

So many kids now fake sickness just to get out of going to school.
Archer developed a 'tummy ache' this morning, but Bex saw right through it.  The kid was not at all happy he had to go to school.

Right, I better get back to it, there's more to iron.

To kill some time, Dante and I started playing UNO.
I kept winning, poor child.
Then, cos I'm evil, I asked Dante if he had ever played 'Pick Up 52?'
He said no.
So then I asked him in he'd like to play it?
He said 'YES'.   
So I threw 52 cards in the air and told him he now had to :  PICK.  UP.  52.

ABOVE:  I don't think he will ever fall for that 'game' again.  At least he won it!

ABOVE: Yeah, NOT funny Grandma!

Bex got held up today, so Dante was here till 1 pm.  Once he left I did a bit more market prep and so on.

Stew and I are going out to dinner this evening.  I think we are having Chinese takeaways at a friend's home.  So I better get some face on and choose something to wear.  

Once we are home again, it will be time to sort out all the market stuff and load the car.

It has been raining on and off all day, fingers crossed it's NOT raining tomorrow. 

ABOVE: We have had a really lovely evening with Emily, Liam, Andrew and LUNA.
Luna being their new Golden Retriever puppy.
There is nothing like puppy loves.

ABOVE: OMG.  I am in love with Emily's dress up wig!
I want one.
I would so wear it down town.  Totally my colour!
Hmmm.... where can I get one?
Or... am I joking?  😂😅😊

And on that note, I'm off to finish getting ready for tomorrow.  Early start, good chance it will be freakin' cold first thing in the morning.  
So I'm taking warm clothes.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    So I got the bird picture - lol - eventually - totally get it now. I was thinking bird names and what rhymes with that - rather than thinking female issues and what rhymes with that. My brain went on a weird journey with that. I will never be a detective. You would have laughed Chris, I was looking out the window at birds racking my brain. Actually realised I get a lot of blue faced honey-eaters in my yard - so I learnt something. I have a red bottle brush plant and whenever I water it these birds appear - like darts coming at you - they fly like a missile from wherever they are lurking making a bee line to this plant - seems they are after the water. Normally I head inside when they come like that - cause they scare the crap out of me - but yesterday I checked them out and they are rather good looking birds. So thank you Chris I got a education on a few things. Never too old to learn shit. Maria(Australia)

  2. Fun morning with the grand-kiddo!

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    My grandkids rarely have a full class of students anymore. I too wonder how long this missing school is going to go on. I hope Dante is better soon. Good luck at the market. The new fish runner is awesome! Ky Girl

  4. I can't wait to see what Dante does to return the favour. He is his father's son after all!!

  5. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Gosh Dante has changed so much. Be careful he might have some of his father's humour and get you back. Love the fish.

  6. Enjoy dinner. It's always nice to catch up with friends.

  7. Thanks for the laugh! My grandkids maybe older but I bet they'd fall for it too 🙂🙂
    Best of luck with sales tomorrow. I won't spit on you again 🤣🤣

  8. Hope weather plays nice tomorrow blustery here and promise of rain few spots at tea time but nothing more

  9. Anonymous11:01 PM

    How lovely catching up with the grandkids.

  10. Ooooh Luna is gorgeous 😍

  11. Anonymous1:22 AM

    You could get one of those wigs and wear it to markets to keep your head warm and it would attract customers!

  12. I will never forget the time my step brother taught me how to play 52 card pick up.

  13. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Good on you Chris!! Enjoy life.


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