Sunday, March 05, 2023


 I have made the decision to not do any more paintings.

So, I'm paying it forward and gifting all my blank canvas's to a friend who will turn them into works of art.

She's a struggling artist, so it will make her day getting all my painting stuff.

PAYING IT FORWARD... always feels good.

AND I get more room in the wardrobe for ... well, other shit!  😂😅😊

Today we are going to put a soaker hose in the front garden, then plant out three or four of my propagated hydrangea plants, around where that big conifer was.  They will fill in the gap nicely, and I adore hydrangeas.

I wouldn't normally think of moving them at this  time of the year, but as long as I turn the soaker hose on every day, they should survive being planted out in this heat.   And 'summer' is nearly over, so the heat won't last much longer.

Stew and I are just going to potter around in the gardens today, and do a few other jobs around the place.  So a nice, easy day ahead.

10.57 am:  Stew is working in the gardens, installing the soaker hoses.

And I'm working on this:

ABOVE: I have basically just nutted out what I want to do with this runner today.  I doubt I will actually do any sewing on it until mid-week.
My lower back is a bit sore so I'm taking it easy today.
I have my first Aqua Class tomorrow and want to enjoy it, not have a really sore back from sewing all day.

This is because I KNOW 100% my page is gunna get stalked by bogans today:

Never ever going to waste my time, emotions or energy giving YOU a second thought.  But you carry on reading my shit, cos YOU ain't part of it and never will be again.  

Lots of progress in the gardens today.
Stew has been working hard.  We put 5 baby hydrangeas into the front garden.
He's putting in all the soaker hoses.
And we decided to buy a couple more trees for the back fence line... more for added privacy than anything else.

ABOVE: Those two big pots got moved into better positions.

ABOVE:  The last Maple standing got a little prune, so we could plant an Avocado near it... to act as a screen once the maple drops it's leaves over winter.
Avocados are Evergreens.
We got two.

ABOVE:  When they grow up a bit, the maple can probably come down.
Or not, we will see how it develops.
The Avocados should have fruit in 3-4 years.
Stew is going to love that.
Me?  Yeah nah, not a fan of them at all.

The cost to us to get our privacy back is so frustrating!  So far we have had to buy 7 new trees for our back fence line.  😔😒😖  I hope all those trees grow fast.

ABOVE:  Don't mind if I do... and all on my own too.  Stew is waiting till later on to have a well deserved beer. 
Stew has stopped gardening for the day, me too.  Not that I did very much.
It's only about 2.30 pm, but it feels like 6.  Been a long day already.

I'm going to make us some macaroni cheese, with bacon and onion for our dinner.  We've not had that in months and months.  

We have four soaker hoses in the gardens.  I've got two on right now, and in an hour I will disconnect them and put the other two on instead.  It's going to save me hours not having to be out there hand watering all the gardens.  YES!

Bet it rains later.

ABOVE:  And look at that.  I don't have to cook this evening.  Steve has come over and he's cooking our dinner for us.
We are still having macaroni cheese, yum yum.

I'm on to my 5th glass of wine!  It's a wonder I can even type straight.  In fact, the number of times I've had to go back and correct myself is horrendous.  Ah the joys of wine.
Remind me tomorrow.

ABOVE:  our dinner was delicious.  And now he's doing the clean up too.  And the girls are ever hopeful of a tidbit thrown their way.

Our day is done.  It is wind down time ... and I'm ever so slightly pickled.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. You are about to have one very happy artist friend!

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    The new runner is going to be awesome and so unique!! I can't wait to see it completed. Ky Girl

  3. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I covet the tall blue planter. Covet it!! I'm glad I don't live there as I might would try to steal it. Haha Ky Girl

  4. Beautiful rain down this way has been since late yesterday its delish

  5. Kiwionholidays5:04 PM

    Nice newsy blog as usual Chris,
    The garden and all your outdoors areas are coming on fantastic really giving your new home the Harvey Stamp.

    We got plants today as well ,a Jacaranda , Poinciana,,, lots of them in QLD in some of the leafy suburbs they say, so will try it here ,,and two lots of purple fountain grasses the closest we can get to ToeToe plants here lol

    Loved the way the conifer man handled the tree .with his helper, no special gear etc ✅💯🍂

    Enjoy your evening now you have a slowdown,,,,,
    Cheers 🥂

  6. Love the fabric you have for the background of the runner, they are perfect
    I liked the tall pot where it is.
    I worked out that I can’t drink wine since menopause but I can drink spirits, hello southern Comfort again

  7. Dang, I HATE it when I miss your updates. And I did miss this. Glad I found it!
    The thought of you tipsy along with this funny night night horse are cracking me up!
    Sorry about the nasty stalker - it still baffles me that you can have such people in your life.
    There is no reason for ANYONE to be rude / creepy / stalkerish / bitchy / controlling.....
    We are all just bumbling along day to day.
    I mean.... really.


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