Saturday, March 04, 2023



Yesterday was just a down day.

Let's have a better one today shall we?

Stew is home, so I think we shall do some work around the yard.

That conifer out the front is coming down.

Some more weeding will probably happen.

I am also going to plant out into the garden more of my succulents.  Quite a few have kinda... died inside.  I've not got green fingers really.

And I did something in the sewing room yesterday to that 2nd Fish Hall Hanging.  It's not going to be a wall hanging anymore.

I decided to try and lengthen it and make it a runner.

I am a runner maker, not a wall hanging maker!  If someone wants to use a runner as a wall hanging, they can add tabs to hang it with.

So, at some point today I'll probably show you what I've done to make the smaller fish runner longer.  Hopefully it turns out OK.

And yes, obviously I've changed my mind about making any 'Kid Wall Hangings' too.  My heart isn't in it.  And I'm not doing a thing if my hearts not in it.

It's gotta bring JOY.

VICKIE:  You got me all motivated to check out some sort of class I can attend!

I love WATER.
I love being around people.

So this morning Stew and I are going down to the local Aqua Centre to see what they have on offer in the way of Aqua Classes I can attend.

I am feeling so happy that you have inspired me to look into this sort of thing.
I used to attend Aqua Classes in Cambridge, until they closed the pool for renovations.
I really hope I can get back into it here.

Stew and I just visited Waterworld in Te Rapa.  Got the low down on the Aqua classes.
They are POPULAR, and almost fully booked out every week.
But, I have managed to secure a spot in the Te Rapa Aqua Jog class for this coming Monday, and a spot in the Gallagher Aqua Fit class on Thursday.
They are both held in different sites, one in Te Rapa, and one way over in Melville.  But that's OK by me.
It will give me an idea which class I prefer, Fit or Jog.
I'm so excited!

Now I'm off to sort out a 'swim bag', and what to wear!  Like, probably short cycle pants and my rash top that has sleeves... cos I hate my flabby arms!


Steve 'n' Bex came around, and Steve chopped down our messy conifer:

ABOVE: The process was quick and easy.  It has now left a gap that I will fill with a low growing shrub of some sort... eventually.

ABOVE:  The last piece getting hauled out.

We will probably do a dump run tomorrow and get rid of it all.

I have taken this week 'off' ... and today we had hot chip sandwiches for lunch, followed by an ice cream at the Base.  Nothing is ruined by a few days indulgence.
Will be on my best behaviour next week.

It's been a very hot afternoon.  Stew and I just relaxed and did nothing... again... just enjoying the day. 

6.30 pm:  It got HOTTER late this afternoon, so Stew and I jumped in the pool.  So refreshing.
Possibly not many more pool days left, so better make the most of it.

Nice way to wind down for the day, that's for sure.
I'm now cooking us some dinner.  A layered vege and egg dish, topped with some cheese.
Should be delicious.

And that's a wrap on the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    I am in similar circumstances as you. I am also bored and can be lonely. I identified with yesterday’s post.

    I have no desire to volunteer or commit myself to anything. And I am interested adults, absolutely not kids.

    What I have done this year is set things up for myself that I can do Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. I leave Mondays and Fridays free, incase we have weekend plans.

    I am not required to do any of them, Tues/Wed/Thur, nothing is dependent on me, I am not roped into anything. But it gives definition to my weeks, which seems to help.

    My three things are - signing up for real time zoom webinars (genealogy topics), taking a 1.5 hour yoga class (women/my age), taking a weekly self study online class that also has an every two weeks Zoom study support group.

    I walk the dogs twice a day Monday - Friday. I try to run errands (dogs in car with me) a couple times a week. I do curbside or utilize the few stores where the dogs can go in with me.

    I lay down and put my feet up and pack myself with heated microwave bags every afternoon, helps my back and arthritis. My arthritis is a real problem. I can no longer do any type of handwork.


    1. THANK YOU for the suggestions.

    2. Anonymous9:44 AM

      You are very welcome. When my kids were young people used to say I could have run a company with one arm tied behind my back. Instead I was home. . .

      I am smart and organized. I think I would have been better suited to have a good part time job as a mental outlet these last 3 1/2 decades.


  2. Anonymous8:47 AM

    We all have slump days. I am in one myself right now. My wings are clipped for a bit so I can't leave town for a month or two to come to go have fun...but I know better days are ahead, so I plug along. I at least am having the interior of my home painted so I am getting a leg up on spring cleaning. Haha Always a bright side, right? ;-) Hang in there. Ky Girl

  3. I’m happy someone has given you ideas for motivation. I’m in a slump too. I have been getting some cleaning work again 6-8 am The 5am wake ups are hard but the money is worth it and I make the most of it while it’s offered. The quilt that I have started requires concentration as I’m using scraps and one square has to match up with all the others around it

  4. Yay for Vickie and her suggestions. I do hope you enjoy the water activities.

  5. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I wish you had a WOW button by your pics. Removing that tree was a smart idea. Ky Girl

  6. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Omg Steve on the fence in thongs😮

    1. Yeah! Health and Safety gone to the dogs there. No scaffolding. No work boots. No harness. LIKE NOTHING!!! lol

  7. Exactly what I suggested yesterday... something active that involves meeting other people and more importantly getting out and about with no fixed ties. I personally dislike the pool but if you love it then it will be your happy place!

    1. Yeah, I probably wasn't in the right mood to take on any suggestions from yesterday's comments. Vickie's hit the right note today. I am going to LOVE the pool/aqua classes, I just know it.

  8. The mere fact you’re up and about moving is a plus good
    On you what between that and your pool bounce machine you be great sometimes
    I wish I lived closer…. I love/loved walking at
    Night cooler
    More fearful = FAST FEET 😂

  9. Dinner sounds nice


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