Thursday, March 02, 2023


 Sleeping in today as Stew has taken the day off work.

Primarily so he can take out trailer down to VTNZ for a Warrant Of Fitness.

He didn't want to do it on a weekend, when every other man and his dog do it.

After he's done that, the day is ours.

We don't have any firm plans... yet.

Last night I dug out my old 'kiddie' patterns.

ABOVE:  I have quite a few.

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to make a couple of Kid Wall Hangings.  Might as well switch it up and see how they go.

I have made some before and they sold fairly well.

So, if we decide to just stay home, I'll probably make a start on one of them.  Or finish the second fish wall hanging.  

Actually, I might even go get me hair cut today too.

I'm gunna get about 6 inches cut off I think.

OMG. Just had my hair chopped off!

ABOVE: How long it was. I asked for 6 inches to be taken off.

ABOVE: The bitch took off at least double that.  I'm gutted.
Only consolation is .. it will grow.

Why do people do that??? 

We are now off on a little  road trip.

20 minutes later... and I just said to Stew that I'm going to look on my big CHOP as a blessing.
It has figuratively taken away the last three years of stress. Now I have a fresh start.

ABOVE: On the road. Lovely day.

ABOVE: Lunch at... Pilot Bay, Mount Maunganui.

ABOVE: After having a delightful wander on the beach, we drove up to Bayfair.
I bought a snazzy backpack for walking.

ABOVE: Got to see our boy.

After chatting with Griffin for a while, we parted company.
Stew and I went on to have dinner at a local Kebab place.

ABOVE:  I can't believe this was called a 'regular' size, not their LARGE.  It was heaps of food!
And delicous.

After dinner we drove home.  Arrived just as it was getting quite dark.

And while I have more photos from today, I will hold off posting them until tomorrow. There's not many.

Now.... going to enjoy a couple of hours with me feet up till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.

It's been a really LOVELY DAY.


  1. Love a good haircut. You feel so fresh!! Have a great day

  2. You know - 6 inches probably would not have got all the loose ends. I think your hair looks fuller, thicker, and healthier. Don't be gutted. It looks long and healthy. The color will perk it up even more! Lookin' good! No worries! And, like you said, fresh start, leave the stress on the salon floor!

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Fresh is a good description. Looks much thicker/healthier now.

  4. You viewing your lovely “haircut” as a positive and a clean fresh start is so amazing. Good on you for the positive mindset

  5. The ends were very damaged so the new colour will look even better now. As you say, 3 years of stress gone. Just like that!!

  6. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Hair looks much better, my opinion only. It was very “endy”, looks much thicker and healthier now. Marie, Melbourne

  7. Ohhh I think it looks
    Lovely would you be game enough to try the butterfly cut challenge it layers softening edges and thinning which I love because of my own birds nest hair 😂 as you say hair grows. Hope you and Stew have a lovely day….

  8. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Your new "chop" looks lovely and I agree with what you told Stew. Happy day! Ky Girl

  9. 6 inches is quite a bit & I guess she started the 6 inches not from the very bottom. Having said that, she should have shown you where she was intending to cut to so you could veto it if it was too short. Once you are used to it, you might like it, there is still enough length to tie it up but it will be much lighter in the hot weather & think of the shampoo & conditioner savings :-)

  10. Wow she won't be cutting your hair again I bet

  11. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Hate hate hate -when hairdressers do that - hate it. Not your hair - I hate how hairdressers think they know better and just go and do whatever they think - should be done - ummmm No. Like Tracy said - she should have checked with you first or bloody go back to school for maths education. Sorry I have that trouble with my fringe - no way do I ever let them touch it - because 100 percent they always like to be creative - and you leave so bitterly mad because why bother having a discussion. Having ranted and raved with that all - Chris - you have such lovely hair and its simply gorgeous its a shame she didn't listen to her customer properly. Maria(Australia)

  12. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Hey Chris - question - is that what you usually have when you say your lunch is ham and crackers - because I was imagining something totally different and I couldn't work out how you felt full on that. Just asking because - I hate breakfast - and I find that's not when I am hungry - much prefer just lunch and dinner. But never thought about having ham and crackers - and I am not a super Salad person - prefer it more individual - if you get what I mean. It's got me thinking or trying your way because my way has been zero help. I need a new direction because - everything else is going to the pack. But that's another long story. eye rolls.Maria(Australia)

    1. I have crackers or Pringles. Sliced ham. Brie Cheese. Onion relish or Hummus. Around 4-6 crackers usually. Oh, I also often have a couple of cherry tomatoes or some grapes as well. It works for me.

  13. Gosh Griffin has grown so much, I always have to look twice when I see him
    I know the hair cut isn’t what you wanted but it does look nice and as you say it will grow

  14. Rhonda9:44 PM

    I think your hair looks lovely, thick and healthy with the cut and it looks even, so that’s a plus. When you have your colour at the end of the month it will look absolutely gorgeous. Hope your disappointment does hang around for too long xx

  15. You hair looks great, Looks fuller. Glad you had a lovely day out,
    Patterns look perfect for a kids wall hanging.


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