Tuesday, March 07, 2023



I have decided to continue going, position myself at the very back of the pool, furthest away from the instructor and just do my own thing.  Or loosely follow the instructor, but do it all faster.

Because I love being in the pool, and I can swim in the pool all year round.  It's not a 'warm' pool, but certainly not COLD.  

It will be interesting to see what the other pool, where Aqua Fit is held, is like.  What the class is like etc.  It's a lot further away from home, probably a 30 minute drive in traffic.  That is happening on Thursday.  

ABOVE:  I felt like there needed to be 'something' in the bottom right corner.  But.... maybe that crab is too big?

What do you think?  Keep the crab, or change it to a small fish?

I'll wait.  😂😉😆

Clearly I will be sewing later on this morning... this runner is fun.

It's been a fantastic morning so far.
I have cleaned out and packed up all my painting stuff, including all my paints, floetrol, glue etc.  It's all going to R, who is only too happy to take it all.

ABOVE:  Now this cupboard is virtually empty.  And it's going to stay that way, cos one day in the not that distant future, I'm sure someone else will find shit to put in it.  AND NO, we are not moving.

ABOVE:  The 'informal' (like at home) scales recorded a small gain this week, but hey!
These cycle shorts kept falling OFF this morning, so out they go.
I'm now down to two pairs that fit me.  And I am using them for my swimming shorts.
I can't imagine what it's going to feel like having to buy new, smaller ones one day!
Well... I did have that experience 16 years ago, when I'd lost 61 kilos.  But that was a bloody long time ago.

It's now 10.16 am, and I'm finally ready to start working in the sewing room.

ABOVE:  Clam shell won.
I also added some 'fish' up the top.  There's still more to do ... but it's coming along.

4 pm:  Brylee called in and spent a while here with me.  That was nice.  Then I remembered I have Cards in Cambridge tonight, so I put me face on and grabbed something for supper.
Bry has now left, and I'm literally just killing time till I leave.
Bex is coming with me tonight, so I will have company on the trip there and back too.  She enjoys the card nights too.

Home from cards.  Another lovely evening spent with girlfriends.
While I was out Stew did our Census forms... AND folded today's washing and put it away.  Such a love.

Time to sign off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Replies
    1. Seems I am outnumbered. A smaller crab would be difficult. So maybe a smaller fish or two, anchor, weed, anemomie, diet coke can (ha - not really... )

  2. I like the crab but you don't want to take emphasis off the main fish.. so maybe a fish?

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Being that less is more person Chris, I am no crab. Marie, Melbourne

  4. Crab is too big, a smaller one or a fish is my two cents worth.

  5. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Try a small clam, looking up at the fish, open with just eyeballs visible inside, looking towards the fish. Cheers, Colleen xxx

  6. I love the fish hanging but I'm for small fish or small crab. Your weight loss is going amazing. I'm actually von a similar path with weight loss but struggle at times to keep going. You inspire me

  7. I love the clam shell the orange grab grabbed ya eye first

  8. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Love the clam :) Good choice! x Colleen

  9. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Cannot wait to see the finished runner. I love how you can see under water and over water...very cool...very 3Dish. Ky Girl

  10. Just an idea about the too big cycle shorts. Take them in and use those in the pool because the chlorine rots them in no time! I know you are clever with your sewing machine and can make them fit.

    1. Yes I could have sewn them in, but they were at least 12 years old... so not worth keeping. New ones only cost $15 max. Some things I own will get altered at the end of the day, but not cheap, easily replaceable things like cycle shorts. I hope your holiday is going well.

  11. Anonymous5:03 PM

    I was team crab but looked like clam won lol

  12. Love the clam ❤️


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