Sunday, March 12, 2023


 Yep... it's Sunday, so we are sleeping in.

That doesn't actually mean we are SLEEPING of course.  Just that we ain't getting out of bed yet.

We both still wake up at our 'usual' time, which is rather frustrating.  Does that happen to you too?

Meh.  Today?

Dunno yet.  Maybe a drive somewhere?  


ABOVE:  There's the new flowers in the jar.  Looks really cute.  I had to put the pretty lights on too right? 😂😅😊

If we don't end up going anywhere today, I'm getting back into my sewing room to keep working on the latest runner.

ABOVE:  I saw this on my friend's Facebook page last night.  Stole it.   I'm sure Stew thinks that's what I'm doing all the time.  He might be right.  Though in my head I'm probably doing ANYTHING except listening to him!  Poor man.

Right, I'm gunna roll over and read the news, check out YouTube etc.  

12.15 pm:  Well I lay in bed till 9, and then got up.  Stew was already up watching sport.
He suggested we check out the Trash 'n' Treasure Market in Cambridge.
We had not been or attended that market in a few years, so off we went.

ABOVE: It is no longer held in the town centre, based all around the shops, on the footpaths.
It's at the rugby grounds.
A much better venue I must say.
There were HEAPS of market stalls.  And a good amount of people milling around too.
BUT... it is still 90% TRASH.
We saw a couple of stalls that are at Tamahere, but seriously, most of the stalls were selling 2nd hand shit.  Or plants.  Or hand me down clothes and shoes.  And imported cheap crap.
We are NOT going to be putting our names down for a site there, ever.

After browsing there for a quick minute, we left and had a little drive past our old house.  Stew hadn't seen it painted.  He thought it looked good.

Home now, and I'm baking another chicken/vege bake for our lunch.  I added some Smoked Chicken Frankfurters too... for added flavour.

My mouth is watering in anticipation.

ABOVE:  Getting to that time of the year when we have hot air balloons drifting over the house every morning.
Still, clear skies, perfect for them.
Saw two this morning over the house.  

6.37 pm:  And lunch was delicious, even better with the franks added.
There is enough left overs for my lunch tomorrow.  Excellent.

Stew and I have had the most lazy afternoon.  Just watching the telly.
I had planned on doing some sewing, but couldn't be arsed.

I'm probably having crackers etc for dinner tonight.  Nothing heavy.

Looking forward to tomorrow, when I go Aqua Jogging again.

Winding down now... doubt I'll have anything to update on after now.  So, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. In our lazy, retired life in the motorhome we wake at the same time each day but don't get out of bed until we've had two coffees, read the news and surfed the internet!

  2. After years of having to get up early the body clock seems to be still set at early and I can't seem to sleep in.
    I get up, make coffee and sit and play on my ipad.

  3. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Love hot air balloons, got married in one

    1. Stew and I both said this morning that we wouldn't ever get in one! You must be rather brave.

    2. Anonymous8:54 PM

      That was me, Sharlene. We've done 2 balloon flights now but Allan isn't keen for a third even though both flights and the landings were perfect lol

  4. There is a big hot air balloon festival nearby town think its later this month

  5. I thought I slept in this morning and then remembered we had the time change last night lol

  6. I would LOVE to go in a hot air balloon ride. I once saw a Netflix comedien do a long bit about hot air ballooning. It was hilarious! Ryan Hamilton Happy Face. Good clean humor from what I remember (and I don't care for comedy usually)

    Here is the 6 minute YouTube version....


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