Monday, March 20, 2023


 Well... looks like the annoying, irritating situation is resolved, so I'm going to Aqua Jogging again today.

This time I will be having a shower IMMEDIATELY  after the swim, not even waiting till I get home.

I am 100% sure I got that damn annoying infection from the pool.  I can think of no other 'thing' that was different prior to getting said infection, except swimming in a public pool.

It was too long, (a month), after I was on anti biotics for that to have caused it.

So yeah.  Showering immediately after swimming is going to be a must from now on.

Once I get home I will be heading straight into the sewing room to get on with those freaking Cat Runners.

I told you yesterday that we did end up getting some camp chairs for markets eh?

So... here's what we got:

ABOVE:  Heading out of the store with them... Stew doing his 'job' so well.  lol

I call him me 'bag boy'.   So naughty of me.

ABOVE:  A nice sturdy camp chair, with a side table that flips out, AND our larger drink bottles fit in the recessed bit for drinks.  Awesome.  They are much more comfortable than the chairs we were using.  The padding on the arms is velcro'd in place, which means they can be taken off for cleaning.  

ABOVE:  A view of the chair with the little table down.  It's going to be every so handy having that little table to use.  We are very happy with our new chairs.

Best yet?  They were $169.99 each, BUT ON SALE FOR $101.  SCORE!  Gotta love a good buy.

The other thing we did manage to buy yesterday was a couple of little lights for inside our gazebo.  

ABOVE: They are very bright!  And have a hook for hanging them up with.  And they were nice and cheap.  You can spend HEAPS on portable lighting, but we didn't need to.  They are only for using once or twice a month after all.

Unlike the camp chairs, which I can see us using heaps.

Something else I forgot to mention yesterday.

Our seafood lunch.  We go out to Raglan to enjoy the Seafood Platter at Orca.  It used to cost $58 not that long ago.

Yesterday?  It had increased to $76.  Hmmmm. It wasn't a public holiday, so there was not a surcharge added, clearly it was just a price increase.  That is a BIG increase.

Not only was that a bit of a put off, but we also didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the last time we had it.  So we won't be doing that again.

Right, before someone tells me off for bitching, I'm outta here.  I've got shit to do before I go swimming.

Catch ya later.

1.35 pm:  We have a temporary instructor at Aqua Jogging right now.   She struggled today to keep the group working, as there were school kids doing inter school swimming sports in the pool next to ours.

It was so loud we couldn't really hear our instructor, so a lot of us just did our own thing.
Quite a few laughs were had.

There were queues for the showers again today, so I had to wait until I got home to shower.  It seems to be OK though.  
'Down there' is back to normal, which is such a relief.

I've been pottering around the house since I got home, and had me lunch.

Pretty soon I will head into the sewing room and get on with the cat runners.

9.09 pm: Well I got some work done on the cat runners, still in the 'prep' stage.
Enjoying a quiet evening just watching some telly now.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Prices are increasing, but quality should not decrease at the same time!

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    The chairs look good, I have some that are almost identical, from BCF...very light to the side table on mine ....Peta

  3. I love the chairs and the lights are clever. Well done Chris. Enjoy your swim.

  4. Loads of pictures and info today, those chairs look awesome. Glad the swim was fun that’s the main thing. Look back on one of your pool posts on your trying to get pool clear about inferior chemicals being substituted I would ever shower at public pools.

  5. Kiwionholidays7:12 PM

    Lovin the chairs Great choice from Team Harvey
    The wee foldaway table completes the package,

    Good on you staying with your aqua , you will sure appreciate the warmth in the Winter ,,

    Cheers 🥂

    1. Warmth? The dang pool is cool! And I don't actually warm up in it at all. So when I got home it was straight into the shower, on HOT. LOL

  6. Everything is so expensive now. Trevor and I went to lunch and it was $50 just for the 2 of us for burgers and chili dogs. Just crazy.


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