Wednesday, August 25, 2021


 So.... who is like me and is AMAZING at keeping the washing up to date?

All washed and dried...

ABOVE:  Yesterday's washing... and um, some from last week too!

Yeah, I may be good at getting it all clean and dry.  But folding it and putting it away?

FAIL.  It is a pet peeve of mine.

Like... how the hell do we generate so much bloody washing?  It's just me and Stew here now!

Fucks sake.  (sorry Mum, bad word 😂)

Another peeve of mine: hearing people eating!

It's called Misphonia.  Our son Steve has it too.

ABOVE:  Stew put himself into 'self isolation' last night.  He went into the lounge and closed the door.


Cos he wanted to eat some peanuts!

I'm sad to say my 'misphonia' is getting worse as I age. There's a good chance Stew won't live to old age!  (Just joking of course... or am I?)

Anyone else got it?  Tell me how tolerant you are towards noisy eaters.  Do you want to stab them 16 times in the chest like me????

Now, back to today.  Sewing first up.  I will finish that cat runner, then contemplate my next one.

How about some ideas people?  Bearing in mind what I obviously enjoy making fun runners!

9.33 am:  I woke with a pounding bloody headache again.  Grrrrr.

So, while I waited for the nurofen to work, I folded that freakin' washing and put it away.

I want a medal now.  

Stew said something so lovely to me yesterday.  I just remembered.  He looked over at me and said "Darling, I'm just so happy to see you back in your sewing room, doing what makes you happy again".  (or words to that effect)

It is like my life is starting to get back to normal, and my depression is lifting too.  I don't want to stay in bed when I wake up now.  I immediately start thinking of what I need/want to do today... and up I get!

It's such a good feeling.

Some interesting ideas for runners girls, thanks.

One sparked my interest, and I might look at doing it next. 

ABOVE:  Slightly annoying when you are only trying to HELP someone and you keep getting your head snapped off. 

I'm freezing just sitting here.  Do I go and finish that cat runner, or do I get me blankie and blob out for a while?  Hmmmm.... decisions, decisions.

So, I totally blobbed out for a few hours!

And although the headache didn't go, I am now in me sewing room, finishing off the Cat Runner.

I just have the binding to go.  I'll probably spend half an hour trying to decide what fabric to use!

*sigh*... yeah.

CHRISTY:  Water?  OMFG you do know me right?  When do I ever drink WATER?   Like almost NEVER.  That would have to be a last resort, after all other drinks in the world were no longer available!  😂😅😆

ABOVE:  And another one done.

I might not do any more today... except maybe do a pattern for the next one.

Wonder what it will be? 

Dinner tonight was left over beef rissoles, mashed potatoes with cheese, coleslaw and left over baked carrot dish.   It was bloody yum.

Now... I'm gunna chill out, then probably cut out my patterns for tomorrow's runner.



  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    My husband hates it when I chew gum😆How about Llama runners?

  2. Teddy Bears 🧸 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

  3. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I love elephants, i think a mum and baby elephant would be so cute.


  4. What I can’t stand is someone talking with a mouth full of food, makes me want to vomit. My washing all up to date including spare bed covers, it was 20 degrees here yesterday so a great day for washing. Have a good day xx

    1. The weather has been amazing this last few days sadly the forecat from tomorrow isnt so great. Overdue a catch up Margaret stay safe

  5. I always fold my washing straight from the line in piles towels sheets clothes underwear socks
    What was your most popular runner?
    Fat bum lady one those ladies at the beach?

  6. The only way to have someone eat peanuts is if you both eat them then you don't notice the sound as much. Otherwise I'm with you, it's hideous listening to someone else chew, especially peanuts! Washing is never an issue for me. I wash every two days and fold it as soon as I bring it in. I never have to iron now either because Stu doesn't wear business shirts... win!!

  7. How about a Hamilton one.. maybe the river.. or one of the gardens, or the fairfield bridge...

  8. One of my coworkers used to eat yogurt every morning and scrape the little container over and over. Took everything I had not to go take it away.

  9. My daughter hates listening to people eat too! Re washing - I trained everyone in my house to fold the laundry as they get it off the line or out of the dryer. Then its done and doesn't get crushed. Because there are 4 of us here I do a load every day, and wash sheets and towels on the weekend. I'm always on top of it and nothing is ever in the wash for more than a day or two! :)

  10. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Yes, I feel irritated by my husband eating his crunchy toast...ha ha


  11. I hate the sound of people eating. My poor son is the same and suffers from a condition that makes his jaw click whenever he chews. He hates eating in public and isn't too fond of eating by himself either! After washing hubby's shirts with a red towel (I still say it was an accident) and staining them all pink and washing his black socks with a tissue (again, it was an accident - maybe) he washes his clothes and I wash mine.
    I like the idea of a line of elephants on a table runner.

  12. IS there a cute New Zealand bird you can put on a runner? or mug rug?

  13. Chris..... I don't like to hear you have headaches!!!.... let me be boring and suggest you drink more WATER. It really is the key. Just a little?? xxxxx

    1. WATER!!!! Ha ha ha... never!

    2. I know you well enough to know I don't want you to suffer unnecessarily xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Oh wow. wish it wasn't so expensive to get stuff sent over. I'd definitely order a couple of those cat runners! <3

  15. What about owls on a runner? Or as previously mentioned elephants trunk to tail :)

  16. Diet coke is basically water isn’t it 😂 I’m addicted to it too. Hope your headaches go away!

  17. I also absolutely hate the sound of people eating and drinking it makes me so angry.

  18. A CATERPILLAR runner would be fun! So many different many colors, so much wiggly stuff. Oh, please.

  19. Poor Stew! I just laughed out loud.. At work! That picture cracked me up. I too have that and cannot stand to hear anyone eat loudly, smack their food, sip liquids, or bang a fork or knife on their plate. It drives me insane.
    Hope your headache clears up soon. Try some essential oils.

  20. I'm with you on water. Do not like but do try to drink the minimum in mid summer. Give me diet coke anytime.
    Hope your headaches go away, and all that washing. You gotta spend more time doing what you enjoy. Makes Stew happy 😃😃
    Boy do I love reading about your dinners. They all seem delicious to me

  21. We are down to only two people in the house and I still seem to be doing laundry all the time! I however wash, dry, fold and pack away immediately. As per noisy eaters/drinkers/breathers/jaw crackers OMG it all drives me insane!! Hope you are feeling better.


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