Thursday, August 12, 2021


 Today I'm off early.

I'm picking Brylee up and taking her to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Last night her shoulder dislocated for the umpteenth time. It's VERY PAINFUL.  

I really hope this specialist can sort this out, even if it means surgery for her.  We've heard that the surgery can resolve the problem and stop the shoulder dislocating ever again.

So, fingers crossed.  

Once we are done with the surgeon, I think we shall go to lunch at a mall.  Have some girl time. 😊

Amanda, Lacy, Bex... want to join us?  Text or PM me.

Hand update:  seems to be less bruising.  Might be OK.

'They' being haters and trolls

...  11.50 am and Brylee and I are home.

The specialist appointment went well, but as her shoulder was very sore after it dislocated last night, he wasn't able to do a really full examination.

So she has to go back in 3 weeks.  Here's hoping her shoulder does not dislocate before then.

ABOVE:  Brylee and I parked down at the lake and walked to the specialists rooms.
It is a gorgeous day and the lake and surrounds look beautiful.

After that, we took off for Charwell Square, where we met up with Lacy and Tarsh.

ABOVE:  an early lunch ensued.  Very nice it was too.  
Brylee and I are now home and just chilling with the dogs.
At some point I will take Brylee home to her house... probably when I'm sick of her.  😂😅😆

OH... I bought two new tops while at Chartwell Square.  One is 'just' a blue sweatshirt, and the other is a blue patterned top.  I'll show it to ya ... later.

ABOVE:  I am in love with this top!  The fabric is so soft and drapes beautifully too.  See why I got it?  lol

9.25 pm:  Dinner this evening was sausages, mashed potato with grated cheese and veges.

I put mine in the fridge to have for lunch tomorrow... then this kid turned up.

ABOVE:  And he ate my lunch.  Oh well, he was hungry.  He had just finished work, and dropped off some rugby tickets to Stew.  They are going to the rugby on Sunday afternoon together.  Nice.

Grubby little bugger though... OMG he was filthy!!!  😂😆😅

After he left we enjoyed watching some TV before bed.  Which won't be for a while yet, but I will say ...


  1. I feel your pain Brylèe. I had my shoulder operated on after it's third dislocation. It has never given me trouble since and that was about 30 yrs ago now, Glad your hand is improving Chris.

  2. Keen on Lunch
    #Lacy 💙

  3. Good luck at the specialist, sounds super painful!

  4. That's the right move to see a specialist and get sorted. That's a terrible thing for Brylee to be going through. Good luck.

  5. Poor Brylee, hopefully it can be sorted for her once & for all.

  6. Hope Brylee can get some relief from her shoulder.

  7. Oh Brylee, that is awful. So sorry you are dealing with that. Hope your hand sorts out Chris, it is certainly a mystery! xx

  8. Love that top of you, it’s very flattering and shows off the weight you have lost.

  9. That blue top is so you, love it :-)

  10. Anonymous2:08 PM

    That shirt is awesome. I can see your weight loss in your face. Keep up the good work! So sorry for Brylee, I can't imagine living with that issue for so long. Fingers crossed all is well soon. Ky Girl

  11. Love that top and it shows how much weight you have lost. Poor Brylee, not a nice thing to have to constantly experience and worry about it happening again and again. Hopefully the surgeon can fix it.

  12. You look really beautiful Chris! Lucky Stew ;)

  13. Beautiful top is it ts...i really NEED to visit them

    1. Yes it's from Taking Shape.

    2. Ive been on the website hehe

    3. They have some really lovely clothes chick.

  14. I love love love the top Chris, it so suits you too.

  15. Beautiful top Chris, I love it too.


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