Saturday, August 28, 2021


 Last night Keera helped me make dessert.

An apple/berry pie.

ABOVE: This apple peeler/corer is the best thing since sliced bread!  I utterly love it.
As you can see, even a child can use it easily and safely.
Keera certainly enjoyed using it, though she found out pretty quickly that Granny Smith Apples are rather tart!  😆😅😂

ABOVE: Last night's pie.  It was really yum.  A bit too tart for Keera, but she loved the custard and cream.  😊😋

ABOVE:  Looks yum eh?  I think there's some leftover.  Lacy might get lucky later.

We are looking forward to next Wednesday!  Our Level 4 lockdown ends, and we go down to Level 3.  Which means we can add Steve and Bex into our bubble, and get takeaways delivered, but not much else.

Sadly, Auckland and Northland will have to stay in Level 4 for at least another 2 weeks, as all the new Covid cases are occurring up there.

Of course, I'm not stupid enough to think we are out of the woods yet... anything could happen yet.  But fingers crossed, we don't get any cases here.

I'm going to do more of the FBG runner today.  There's a good chance I'll get it finished either today or tomorrow.
Rather amusingly, it is already SOLD!
That means I will have to make another one or two for my markets.
Just as well I really love them.  😊

10.06 am:  And thanks for all the unsolicited information on who we can and can't have in our bubbles ANON (s).  Now you can fuck off. 

We don't know who we are exposed to via Keera's bubble do we? But we are prepared to take that risk in order for Lacy to see her daughter.
All I know for sure is we are obeying all the rules, keeping our bubbles intact and safe as we can.

Fuck I hate bloody know it all's and keyboard warriors.

ABOVE:  Two down, two to go.  There had to be one wearing purple eh.  😊😏

3.24 pm:  And we have done heaps today.
I have one girl to go, then backing and binding.
Should be finished by tomorrow.

Lacy did this for me:

ABOVE:  Our plans changed for this wall in the lounge, so the paper had to come off.
Keera enjoyed helping her Mum do it too.

When she wasn't doing that, she was annoying the bejezus out of me in the sewing room!

ABOVE:  about and hour ago we felt the need to stretch out legs, and as it wasn't raining we went for a walk to the dairy.
Met that lot!  So the kids had an ice cream, then they went their way home, and so did we, but not before the dogs snuck over the 'divide' for a cuddle.

I'm now going to get dinner sorted out.  We shall be having beef sausages, mashed potato, baked carrot dish and PEAS.
I love Peas!

Well dinner was really good.  That baked carrot dish went down well with Lacy and Keera, I was most surprised!

We've been watching the telly since then, but as we are both tired, we are heading off to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Pie looks yummy. I might have to make one 🍎

  2. Oh please oh please let New Zealand stop this outbreak! I LOVE that there is ONE place on earth without COVID and you are my tiny little glimpse into this rare safe haven! You HAVE to see family or what is life for? You and Stew are vaccinated - there is NOTHING more you can do. Follow the recommended guidelines, be vaccinated, use common sense!

    Love the fat-bottom girls. How cute is that?

  3. Oh the FBG are fab loving it.
    We are lucky here we have a Janice at doing things OUR WAY and it seems to be working.
    Travel restrictions bubble restrictions and dare I say mandatory masks and in the future no vaccinations no travel no nothing I can see it being mandatory soon for vaccinations.

  4. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I love your table runner but I think it'll be a great wallhanging.

  5. I know you said you would put some foliage instead of legs... I think it would look great if you did, I keep looking for their legs but it's gorgeous. Yes, you are legally allowed Keera in lockdown (as you know) so not sure who was telling you otherwise.

  6. Keera is just the most beautiful child and we got to hear her talk! I loved the face she made when she ate the apple. Have a great weekend Chris and co.

  7. Great job Keera helping grandma...also lovly to see her hair tied back a pet hate of mine is hair dangking everywhere in the tv cooking programs. God my hair is shirt but still get it in my food prep some times.

    1. OMG, me too!!!! Every cooking show that I see has these ladies with their hair hanging down!! I guess it doesn't bother people who put together those shows!

  8. Awesome work Team Harvey 💙💙 coincidence that the Keyboard Warriors come out when you have Keera 🙄🙄

    1. It is not lost on us that I get trolled more often on weekends we have Keera. At least I know I'm getting page views! Probably dozens from the fucking haters! BRING IT. I love comment moderation.

  9. Pretty sure it was very clear in level 4 that any child custody & visitations could be carried out as agreed by the courts and could not use lockdown as an excuse to withhold a child from their parent - so get your bloody facts right Anon 😠

  10. Could you use the peeler to make those curly potatoes fries? I bet you could yummmmm

  11. Sorta hard to explain to dogs about socail distancing lol

    1. Yeah! Cats roam... how do you make them social distance from everyone? Hmmmm.

  12. Love your runner, those fat bottomed ladies are the bomb!!

  13. Peas are the best. We're having peas with our dinner too! Love the fat bottom lady design you have done - looks great!

  14. Interested to know what the carrot dish was. I love carrots.

    1. I boil up a good deal of carrots (around 8-10 large ones), then once they are soft, I mash them up. Then I add two chopped up cooked onions, about 2 cups of tasty grated cheese and 3 beaten eggs and seasoning. Mix it all together and put it in a baking dish (uncovered) and bake in the oven at 200 deg C for about 40 minutes, or until the mixture has set. It is even better the next day reheated! OH I spray oil on the baking dish before putting the mix in it too. I hope you like it.

    2. Sounds awesome. Will definately be giving it a go. Thanks. Yum 👍😊

  15. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Thanks for the recipe. Sounds yummy.kj


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