Friday, August 27, 2021


 Because of Lockdown, one day feels just like the other.  All week, I've woken up with pretty much no idea what day it is.

It's a weird feeling.  

But I do know it's Friday today, because it's a Keera day.

We are picking her up this afternoon, and have her until Monday.  

Because all playgrounds, shops and so on are closed, it will be a fairly quiet weekend.

We can still go for walks, so we will be getting fresh air, if nothing else!  I'm sure Keera will enjoy walking one of the dogs for us.

Until we get her though, I will be in my sewing room.  That new runner is hardly started, I've got all the pattern pieces to cut out yet.

Not to mention choosing the fabrics for the 'interesting bits'.  That's usually so much fun.

I hope to be able to show you what I chose to do with this runner, later on.

For now, I suppose I'll get up soon and get on with the day.

12.27 pm:  And it's so cold today!  Both of us are feeling it.
I've been in my sewing room all morning, cutting out fabric for my runner.

ABOVE: Sharon it amazes me how you always guess right!
It is fat bottoms.  And they are going to be so cute!

And FINALLY... the rules are in OUR favour.  

ABOVE:  Lacy and Keera hanging out with me in the sewing room.

I got one fat bottomed girl completed today, and am calling it quits till tomorrow now.

ABOVE:  Isn't she gorgeous!  I will be putting some foliage along the bottom of the seat... so I don't have to dick around trying to make realistic looking legs and feet!
That hair... OMG so much stitching involved, but so worth it.  

SHARON:  I shall  put your name on it, with you having the option to buy (OR NOT) once it is finished.
Funnily enough, I was thinking of you when I did the first FBG!  She's rather fetching eh?

I cooked a pie for dessert.  Will show ya tomorrow.  Right now... I'm full as a bull and am going to chill out for a couple of hours before bed.
Time to get Miss Muppet off to bed too.


  1. We still have another week of lockdown, hopefully it’s lifted next Saturday Ours was very strict this time with workers needing permits to say that they are essential workers and need to travel more than 5 kms/ access childcare etc. Hubby has to do the shopping as only one person per day from each house can go to the supermarket

  2. I'd LOVE a big, bright green and pink frog runner :) That would be lovely to see. Almost time to make Christmas ones again, yes?

  3. I'd love to see colourful butterflies on a runner!!! xxxx

  4. Are your FBG wearing masks. Seeing we are in lockdown? lol

  5. Butterflies that’s a nice idea FBG runner looks fab already …

  6. Anonymous4:38 PM

    So glad that you can still have Keera for the weekend but how are the rules in your favour as we don't go into Level 3 until next Tuesday at 11.59pm and I thought the bubbles couldn't be extended until then. Just curious. Audrey

    1. When you have a court order, and 'share' access of a child, you are still permitted to exchange said child between homes. Lacy is in a bubble with ONE other person, Stew and I are in our own exclusive bubble, and we can only hope that 'they' are obeying the rules and keeping their bubble to JUST THEM. That way we all stay safe.
      Next Wednesday (provided the status quo stays the same with the spread of Covid), we can actually add Steve, Bex and the boys to our bubble too.

    2. Anonymous6:16 PM

      I understand now - my grand-daughter is in a similar situation with her daughter and her partner too with his son and they live in Auckland so the situation will go on for even longer. It is better for the children to maintain the status quo for visitation because they don't understand why they can't go to school without adding even more restrictions for them. As I was expecting the level change to happen from tonight I got confused with Levels. Audrey

  7. Kiwionholidays4:43 PM

    Hey that lovely latest stitching,,
    Also fab Lacy n Keera can join the bubble,

    Take care

    N keep warm
    Cheers 🥂

  8. FBG runner gonna be grand. Good to c Keera and Lacy playing in your bubble.

    WILL YOU THROW IN A BIKINI ONE cause that’s what I wear a bikini…😁

  10. Nah all togs are fine x text me your bank account number

  11. Anonymous7:27 PM

    That's wicked Chris. Kj

  12. Have a good weekend. Hopefully your lockdown won't last too long. Take care be safe.

  13. Wow that is a lot of work! It will be so nice when you are done!


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