Saturday, August 07, 2021


 The last time we 'exchanged' $20, Lacy didn't leave a $20 here.... but I took one out to her house... in anticipation that she would.  

So she ended up with $40!  

She visited us late yesterday to pick up something of hers... and after she had left,  she asked me if I'd found 'IT' yet?

IT being ???

ABOVE:  Ahhh excuse me, but how did $40 morph into a friggin Hundred?

I've decided Stew and I are going out to dinner on Lacy.  And hopefully the 'saga' of the $20 is over.

Today we are babysitting Dante and Archer while Steve 'n' Bex attend a function out of town.  I'm sure we will have fun with them.

There's a good chance I will be attending an FBG walk this afternoon as well.  

12.25 pm:  Stew and I went to Carpet Court this morning, just to have another look at options.  I am still quite undecided on what to get.
Because the painter is still not able to get here, we have time to make the right decision when it comes time to get the carpet.

Steve and Bex dropped the boys off before lunch.  With NOISY toys.  

I'm bloody freezing.  Just can't get warm at all, even with the heater on.

I'm sure once I go walking I'll warm up.

4 pm:  And I'm home from the FBG walk.  It was a nice, comfortable 4 km walk.  But talk about BLUSTERY wind!  It was fair blowing.  It's the same here in Hamilton too.
While I was out, Stew took the boys to the playground.  Even the boys thought it was 'too windy'.

Now... just killing time till we get dinner.
Which will be McDonalds, as requested by the boys.

And this day is done.  So happy I got to do an FBG walk today, so neat seeing my friends again.


  1. Happy Weekend Team Harvey 💙💙 good to hear the news congratulations 👏

  2. How generous of Lacy!!!!

  3. Nice one Lacy! Excellent move lol

  4. Fush and cips here tonight for tea as requested by me lol...been at a ca4d workshop all day and my back is about ready to snap in half so takeaways unfortunately the shop wasnt open when i went past so will phone and order and pick up later. Could u not encourage the boys to play on there tablets rather than noisy toys..i bet that was steves idea lol

  5. Nice one, I wish my kids would leave $100 notes for me 😂😂 Just caught up on the last few days so happy your court case went well x

  6. Haha, good one Lacy 😂

  7. Kiwionholidays8:22 PM

    Easy dinner when the All Blacks game is on too
    Enjoy your evening
    Cheers 🥂


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