Saturday, August 14, 2021


Ha ha ha!  That ain't gunna happen, EVER.

And I'll leave that there.  

Stew is my 'hand brake'.

Lacy is due to arrive soon.  She's gunna hang out with her daughter all day.

We will probably go shopping, visit a park and so on.  Providing the weather is nice of course.

I honestly feel bloody awesome, first time in MONTHS.  Time to start enjoying life again.

11.45 am:  and we have been out and about for the last couple of hours.
Just window shopping mainly.
Lacy bought Keera some gumboots, for when they go out to the farm, and some really thick, warm socks.

We just finished an early lunch ... club sandwiches, pies and donuts.  SO YUM from our local hot bread shop!

Keera just loves mini donuts!  She can eat an entire box full on her own.

4.30 pm:  Steve, Bex and the boys have visited... and the kids had fun playing together.  No park visit today as the weather is very changeable.

ABOVE:  Lacy just gave me an amazing massage with my 'Dolphin' massager.  And she brushed my hair and gave me a head massage too.  So relaxing.  

Dinner tonight is roast pork with veges and gravy.  Everyone is drooling, the smell is so tantalizing. 

ABOVE:  Well, everyone loved their dinner.  Except that one.
He's got his first mouthful still in his mouth.  And he's 'full'.  He is incredibly stubborn!  He does not want to eat it, and he WON'T.
So ... he will be going to bed in a minute. 

The rest of the evening will be spent watching rugby.  Oh I'm so THRILLED.  I will plug my headphones on and watch something on YouTube!

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Have a great day (and weekend) Chris!
    Christine in Wellington

  2. Proud of your hand brake. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Have an awesome day with your awesome family

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend in the making.

  5. Ohhh dear the bung must be about to pop 🤣🤣 all is well here just fighting off the winter bugs 🐛 the other half is on steroids and antibiotics been very unwell at least he hasn't shared his goobies 👍 have an amazing weekend with the ones that love you 💙💙

  6. Hope you have a great weekend! Happy to hear that Lacy and Keera will have a lot more time together! Keera seems like such a sweetheart and so flexible! She just goes with the flow, always a smile on her face!

  7. Have the best weekend.

  8. Anonymous4:52 PM

    So awesome to hear you are able to relax and enjoy life again without stress. Kj

  9. The rugby the rugby is thrilling loving it in our house

  10. I got a chair massage at the mall yesterday it was heavenly!


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