Wednesday, August 18, 2021



ONE person tests positive for Covid 19 in the community, and the entire country snaps shut.

He was a busy man while he was infectious, and went to the beach and visited numerous places.

So, we are all keeping our fingers crossed this one person has not started a chain reaction of infections that spread across the country.

I'm sure it's NOT HIS FAULT... shit happens. But in this Covid ravaged world we live in right now... it's a real worry.

I am due for my 2nd Covid jab on Saturday.  I hope I can still get it.

We are in Lockdown here for at least 3 days, more if the infection spreads. 

In Auckland and the Coromandel, they are locked down for a minimum of a week. 

I am going to really enjoy having Stew home for 5 days, which includes the weekend.  Though, he will still be working remotely. 

On my way home from Cards in Cambridge last night, I was appalled to see how many people were leaving the city!

Streams and streams of cars, all no doubt heading to the beach or holiday homes, taking advantage of not having to go into work for the rest of the week!

I hope none of them have been anywhere that has been identified as a place of interest in relation to the positive case.  😣😟😒

So... as we have PLENTY OF LOO PAPER, we will just stay home and be good.

Catch ya later.

9.20 am:  And we now have 4 more Covid cases in our community.  All linked to the first one.
Lockdown was clearly a damn good idea.

ABOVE:  Stew is 'at work'.  I'm sure we will have lunch together.  😃😉😊

In the meantime, I shall carry on my usual day.  I am going to tidy up my sewing room, it's a real mess!
Then iron some shirts.

Oh and when Stew got home last night he said he thought our bed looked better with the white throw.  So now I have to find a much longer white throw for our bed.
Not the easiest thing to do ... in Lockdown.
But, no rush.  I shall use the short one in the meantime.  I could even make one?

ABOVE:  Just too cute not to share.  The girls 'at work' with Stew.  Both got introduced to co-workers over Zoom, and some of Stew's colleagues had their pets on Zoom too.
You could say it was 'bring your pets to work day'.  lol

ABOVE:  our roads are empty.  People are doing what they are supposed to do.  So proud of everyone who is following the rules.

The news at 1 pm wasn't that good.  We are now up to 7 confirmed cases, with the likelihood that numbers will grow and grow.

I decided to have a nana nap.  I slept a couple of hours. Must have been tired.
Now, I shall be cooking dinner for him 'n' me.
Just sausages and veges tonight.

And now... we have 10 confirmed community cases!  Gosh I hope this doesn't spiral out of control!
I'm off to bed soon.  Hoping the news isn't dire in the morning.


  1. Here in Wisconsin, we are under a high alert for Covid again. Lots of folks have refused to be inoculated and that has ramped up infections by a lot. We live in a tiny (pop. 1300) town and a 45 year old man, who was sick for two weeks, just died sue to virus; he felt ill for two weeks but didn't curtail his activities, all around and about, so many people have been exposed. It's such a shitstorm, this epidemic, and so many people deny the risk. I hope you and yours remain safe.

    1. My good friend was just diagnosed with it. She has been out to bars, dancing, restaurants, and the county fair! And there are so many more people spreading it that have no idea and/or just don't care.

  2. Yup it sucks alright but we've done it before and we can do it again!! Going to have my birthday in lockdown ohhhh joy NOT 💙💙

  3. Im waiting to see if i can go into work rather than work from home. Hopefully I can go in as I'm not disciplined to keep away from the telly!! This time around seems to be a lot more serious than before. That Delta variant doesn't seem to muck around. And now a nurse has it. Eeek.

  4. Yea get rid of that fake rabit sh*t 🤣😂
    #Lacy 💙

  5. I wish we had had a snap lockdown way back. NSW would be back to normal. But no, we continue to be in lockdown, with no sign of an end. Travel plans cancelled, families torn apart for months. I admit, it's not really affecting our house because the 3 of us who work are all still working (classed as essential), but still, there are many people with sick relatives who can't visit them. I try not to get to the shops either, but people keep eating so I have to keep replenishing supplies and it take forever for online orders to come. Oh well. This is the new norm. I'm glad your girl Jacinda was on the ball. She's a good one, that chick.

  6. haha I've shown my animals over "Teams" for work meetings.

  7. Bummer about the 4 additional people. I hope it doesn't get out of control. I just heard that there are NO ICU beds in Minnesota. None!

  8. I'm glad to hear you have plenty of LOO PAPER!!! :))

  9. Your country handles things so well regarding COVID and your citizens follow the mandates. I sure wish the US would do half as well but many Americans, including our politicians, refuse to believe this pandemic is real. It's so discouraging that we're in our second year of partial lockdowns, wearing masks, and distancing from our families and friends because of those who refuse to do the right thing.

  10. My neighbours don’t believe in following rules Junior male has 3 friends visiting Saturday and cops gave the a warning about the $1300 fine. Sunday junior female had 2 friends visit. Today junior male had a friend from Saturday turn up again No masks either. They really do make you wonder especially when we had a death here last year when it all started

  11. le sigh.... we have been in hard lockdown for 7 weeks. Our radius from home just got reduced from 10kms to 5kms in Sydney. I can not stand it. Oh and lots of people aren't doing the right thing ie: the dummies who have been rioting..... FFS

  12. My bubble of one is thankful of the internet to still be in touch with the outside world. Booked tickets for a show yesterday and looks like it's been cancelled boohoo was looking forward to it...stand up comedy. Hope things back to normal by the 7th Sept going to a play here in much work goes into prep so hope life is back to normal by then

    1. I know how you feel, I had 2 shows to go to this weekend. Hopefully they will be rescheduled.

  13. oh no. you don't want Covid cases!

  14. Is New Zealand still making all people entering the country stay in a hotel for 2 weeks like you had to? Do you know if the man was a tourist or local? Hopefully, it will stop in its tracks!

  15. I feel like the cat in your night night picture. Waiting to see what today's news brings about Covid. I am strangely fascinated by your situation because you are THE ONLY place in the world to have it under control. I have been watching Covid spread via youtube (secretive Chinese doctors using VPN"S to get the word out) just waiting for it to come to the USA, then waiting for it to be declared a Pandemic, then watched as my science buffoon president suggested it would go away like magic by Easter, then watching half the population refuse vaccines and fill up the ICUs. Keeping an eye on New Zealand is like looking through a happy little picture window into a safe and smart world! Stay safe - it looks like you might need to break out the mask stash!

  16. You are doing so much better than NSW. I am sure that you will be OK again very soon. Enjoy the quiet, and have a few long lunches with Stew, and his four legged work colleagues.


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