Wednesday, August 04, 2021


 After I found the $20 that Steve hid in me house, the first thing I did?

I jumped in me car and took it over to his house and left it there.

ABOVE:  I didn't bother hiding it.  Just made sure he'd see it when he got home from work.  He did.

Marley has a big selection of toys to play with:

ABOVE: See?  That should be enough eh?

ABOVE:  yeah nah.  That little bugger got into my knitting bag and helped herself to an entire ball off wool.

Grrrrrrrr.  She tried denying it, but when I put it back on the floor, she nose dived into it.  Little shit.

She is always on the hunt for something new to steal/play with.  😕😂😣

I did some ironing yesterday.  Not enough though, so I will do some more today.  I will also go to the supermarket and fill the gaps in the pantry.  I should make a list... I keep forgetting shit I really need.

11.45 am:  and yes, I got the shopping done.

ABOVE:  who doesn't love a well stocked pantry?  My freezers are now full too... can't fit another thing in them.  I think we have far too many veges in them actually!
Stewie, we need to eat more veges.

Now, it's almost lunchtime, so I'm gunna take a break and have something to eat.
Then... sort myself out (shower, hair wash etc), cos I'm going to Knitter, Natter & Platter tonight in Cambridge.

I was just reminded, so I better not miss it, like I missed Card Night last night.

5.35 pm:  And I'm all ready to head off to Cambridge. I hope it's a lovely evening... what am I saying?  Of course it will, I'll be in lovely company!  My FBG girlfriends are THE BEST.

9.50 pm:  So glad I went!  I had a brilliant time yakking with my girlfriends.  Just what I needed.
Now I'm home and just about ready for bed.


  1. When my son was little and I read him bedtime stories - our Shih-Tzu would come in the room every night and steal a toy from under the bed. Usually a lego or something. So I bought a tiny little toy and planted it under the bed and he would come in and steal that. I would hide it there every night, and he would steal it every night. Goofy dogs! It was just the "bedtime toy". He didn't get to have it during the day. Of course - he really had no interest in it other than thieving the thing!

  2. My cats are always dragging something out of my sewing room! Especially if it's in a plastic bag. Bunch of weirdos haha

  3. Haha marley is like a full of great toys and they get hours of fun from the box hehe kids.
    Talking of kids Sarah is 14 tomorrow thats 14 yrs since we had that amazing weekend reunion at your place in Palmerston North

    1. I remember that weekend so well... it was brilliant. So sad virtually none of those girls blog now. Except me. Still going strong after ALMOST 15 YEARS.

    2. Yes it was a fantastic weekend no your's is the only blog i follow so dont know anyone else is still going.

  4. Since Covid hit last year we have a 'pandemic pantry' in the garage. We stocked up on extra stuff for lockdowns but I still keep stuff in there now, it's so handy!


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