Tuesday, August 03, 2021



How many of you spend literally HOURS scrolling through Facebook, thoroughly enjoying all the funnies?

I can't say I spend HOURS ... but I sure in hell waste a good deal of time some days.

Thing is, you can and do come across some really good stuff.

So there ya go... a few I thought were pretty good.

Today... well I've no set plans.  Stew needs some shirts ironed (f*#k it), so I'll probably do that while watching a movie or who done it on the telly.

ABOVE:  I'll leave you with this, Steve playing with a stacking game on the weekend.  When he had them all stacked up, he sat back and said "Oh look, I've got a pile of pussies!"  Brilliant.

11 am:  And I've been pottering around all morning doing odd jobs.
Then Bex dropped off two snotty boys who can't go to school.  Bloody winter colds.

ABOVE:  at least the girls are happy.  Someone to sit and get warm on.

There is a NEW $20 saga going on.  On the weekend I gave Steve a $20 note for the chips he bought.
He informed me when he left that it was 'somewhere' in my house.  Grrrr.
I decided I was NOT even gunna hunt for it.   It could be ANYWHERE right?

Then this afternoon, as I was walking into the garage, I spied something slightly out of kilt:

ABOVE:  And there ya go!  The one and ONLY place I looked.  

Now... keep the bloody thing Steve!

I don't think I'm too popular right now.  I forgot it was Card Night.  Whoops.  Sorry girls.
I have now missed 3? in a row.  I hope I get to the next one.

Stew arrived home from work and had another roast pork dinner.  Then he had yoghurt, I don't know how he fitted it in!

Now we are watching the Olympics.  It's been cycling, which is really boring to watch.  What's next I wonder?   Oooo diving!  Ya, we like diving.

Time to sign off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The table and chairs is just perfect! My husband HATES codes and permits and all that crap. He would totally do this!

  2. Nice to see the boys and dogs get on so well

  3. I thought I remembered this story from long ago, found it -

    “ Photographs of these horses standing in a meadow beneath an outsized table and chairs have been circulating on the Internet since 2003, typically accompanied by the claim that the unusually large furniture was constructed by a farmer as a way of working around a local ordinance that prohibited him from building a shelter for the animals. Although the photographs are real, the claim about the giant furnishings’ having originated as a way of skirting the law is a bit of fiction: the structures were built to serve the dual purpose of providing some shelter for the equines and serving as a visual advertisement for their owner’s business.

    When Time magazine featured a photograph of this tableau in June 2003, it was captioned thusly:

    Three horses try to hide from the rain under an oversized table and chair in a pasture near Doellstaedt, eastern Germany. The huge garden furniture was installed by a local wood merchant to promote his products.”

  4. Love you and your $20 sagas

  5. Kiwionholidays9:02 PM

    The relaxation of the wee guys doing their thing,,, n the casual way those furry friends casually cuddle up on them shows an awesome scene,,!!

    Loving it ,
    Roast pork sounds fab, we had the ole classic ,,,,,silverside n veges ,,

    Love the hiding of the note
    And the boom reaction too

    Take care

    Cheers 🥂

  6. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Glad you enjoyed your time with the family at the weekend. Lacy is looking really well. We are having a visit from No 2 daughter Katy G next weekend - not seen her for months while she's been working at lambing/shearing so can't wait for that. The Olympics has been dominating the tv schedule in this house.....I'm rather fed up with dressage/women's football/boxing so glad Mr G has gone to his parents for a few days to paint their new fence and I can binge watch Coronation Street !
    Jane G

  7. Hope the boys feel better soon. Keep well.

  8. Since I am self-employed and have virtually NO SCHEDULE..... I tend to forget if I have "plans" . Fortunately, my friends all know of this social amnesia, and will remind me the day of! Speaking of which - I have a social outing tonight! I remembered!


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