Tuesday, August 17, 2021


 Well... the parcel I was waiting for finally arrived.

It was something I've been meaning to get Stew for a while now...

ABOVE: His very own number plate.  With some BLUE of course!  💙💙💙😊

He will put it on his car in a couple of days.  Today he is off to Rotorua in a company car.

I've got Card Night this evening, so am going out at some point today to get some nibbles to take with me.

And of course, I will need to have dinner sorted out for Stew, for when he gets home from Rotorua.

So, a couple of little things on my to do list today. 

ANON from yesterday, where you said (in part):

 "It would be a shame for that person to mould her into a nasty piece of toxic trash like herself."

I felt it would serve no purpose to publish your entire comment, as it could have caused a nasty exchange of comments.  I agree 100% though!   

The legal fight, which THEY instigated, is over. We got exactly what we wanted, and those who tried to severely limit Lacy's contact with her child... LOST.

What's done is done, and we are moving on and are going to enjoy our life with our FAMILY.

While making my bed just now, I was thinking I really didn't like the short white throw on the end of the bed.  It is just too short.
So, I was thinking of going out to look for a long one, like our dusky pink one.
Then... an idea popped into my head, and I did this:

ABOVE:  I put the dusky pink one back on the bed, and a matching cushion.  And I don't know about you, but I think it looks fine!
And now I won't have to replace the pink curtains either!  WIN WIN.
What do you think?

ABOVE: Dante and Archer had cross country running at school today.  I'm surprised they went to school today.   They both hate running, especially Dante.

Lacy just visited.  We both had an early lunch of ham/cheese and pineapple toasted sandwiches.  So yum on a damn cold day.

I have spent the last few hours fluffing around the house, just putting things away that slowly crept out into the wrong spaces.  Toys.  Clothes. Odds 'n' sods.
If you don't keep on top of it, the place can become so damn messy.  And I don't 'do' messy.

I like organised spaces, tidy spaces.  Shame I can't train Marley to put her toys away!  Believe me, I've tried. 😂😅😊

12.50 pm:  And I finally picked up a repeat prescription from the pharmacy!  Only took me 2 weeks.  Then I visited the supermarket and bought some snacks for this evening. 

Stew is going to have left overs for his dinner, so I don't have to cook tonight.  Neat.

The nasty weather that we have been expecting since yesterday is finally creeping in.  It's getting very dark out there, and the wind is certainly picking up. 

Cards was fun.
Then our entire country has gone into HARD LOCKDOWN.  Three days minimum for everywhere except Auckland and Coromandel, who are in HARD LOCKDOWN for at least a week.
ONE man has been diagnosed with Covid 19, probably the Delta strain in the community.

So, I get to have Stew home for the next three days, followed by the weekend.  Nice one.

And that ends my day.


  1. It is so unfortunate that you have such disagreements amongst family. That can't be easy!

  2. Just had to show you this video on You Tube from a reseller in the USA...the first 10ish minutes just instantly made me think of you. I can imagine you would love this store :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7GYrZHkvB8&t=1340s&ab_channel=LavenderClothesline Karen - Aus

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Chris, that's an awesome number plate and gift for your man. Wicked. As for your Anon comments were they implying Kelly would mould her like herself? Lol kj

  4. Perfect solution! Dusky pink used to be my favourite colour. I still like it a lot. The colours in the room really tie in together.

  5. My vote is no for the pink. Keep it fresh with a nice cream and don't worry about the curtains. Just my opinion :)

  6. The pink curtains, bed cushion and throw all the in nicely now.

  7. Bed looks great love the longer throw.
    It is nasty feral down our way.
    Neat pressure for Stew

  8. That number plate is super cool! Hope you have a great night out.

  9. I like the blue and pink together...it blends well.
    Love the number plate, great pressie.

  10. Hope the boys had fun day with cross country

  11. Anonymous1:24 AM

    How I wish we were New Zealand in our decision making on covid & delta. Good luck in keeping it at bay. XO Ky Girl

  12. Your country seems to be the only one handling Covid the right way. One case. Shut it down! Because we all know what happened in the US when our President Famously said “You have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero,” he insisted. Yep - that worked real well. Glad Stew is stuck home with you rather than away from home!

  13. I was wondering what you'd have to say about the lock down. So crazy how they shut everything down. My friends granddaughter went to Kindy for the first day, came down with a fever that night and was positive for Covid a couple days leter. When my friend called the school to tell them she had a fever the receptionist didn't even know what the procedure was.


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