Thursday, August 26, 2021


 I'm awake...

It also doesn't mean I'm getting out of bed any time soon!

I just love being able to sleep in now days!

Stew is still getting up at his normal 'work day' time, and heading off to work ... in the lounge.

He has appointments, meetings, zoom conversations all day long, so no sleeping in for  him.  Poor bugger.

ABOVE:  Sorry ... I couldn't resist sharing that one.

Now... how about yet another 'sneak peek' at the next runner?

Well, ya don't actually have a choice!  You are reading my drivel after all!

ABOVE:  There ya go.

Any idea?  I'm sure some of you will get it, cos you are clever buggers, and probably know me too well.

And with that ... I'm gunna just lie here and read the news, check out some Instagram posts etc.

Catch ya later.

12.45 pm:  I stayed in bed till 9 am!
Then I got up, made the bed, cleaned out the freezers and went and did a big grocery shop.
We were down to just a few items of meat left, so I stocked up on meat.

Dropped some face masks into Brylee's letterbox too.

The supermarket was packed.  NO social distancing going on in Pak 'n' Save that's for sure!

But they were fully stocked, unlike our two local Countdowns.

On my way home I stopped outside Steve 'n' Bex's and threw these to the boys:

ABOVE: Apparently you put them on ya hand and wave... and bubbles emerge.  I hope they work.  I got one for Keera too.

ABOVE:  Steve was taking advantage of being at home, and is tidying up his garage.  

ABOVE: some new dog toys somehow managed to slip into the trolley too.   Marley is thrilled to bits.

It's now lunchtime.... time to have something to eat then head off into the sewing room.

ABOVE:  Well, that took far to bloody long!
I finally settled on backing fabric for my latest runner.  
It was not an easy decision today.

It's now dinner time and I forgot to actually keep something out for dinner!  Whoops.
I better pull finger now and sort that out too. 😉

8.45 pm:  Anyone would think it was Friday!  Stew had baked beans on toast for his dinner.  I don't know if I'll even bother having anything. 
Why eat if you are not hungry?
And on that note... I'll bugger off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow. 


  1. You and me both (staying in bed) while our Stews/Stus have to work :) I call it my office, hey works for me.

  2. Kiwionholidays3:07 PM

    Love those hand bubble wavers ideas ,,,the boys n Keera will have them figured out ASAP,
    Glad your food is done n dusted always good to get out of the way during lockdown j.I.c. It gets extended like ours just has
    Take care and stay safe
    Cheers 🥂

  3. I am so happy to see you sewing again. It shows you are on the mend.

    1. Thank you chick. I feel like I am 'on the mend' too.

  4. No idea this time but can't wait to see the finished product 💙💙 did ya get my text?

  5. Anonymous1:33 AM

    I LOVE that green fabric. It is a stunning color. Happy TGIF!! Ky Girl


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