Friday, August 20, 2021


Today at 3 pm we will find out if our area will be staying in Level 4 Lockdown or not.

Auckland and Coromandel will be staying in full Lockdown for at least a week, probably longer given how many cases they have up there.

ABOVE:  I'm sure literally everyone has seen this, but I hadn't.  It's rather funny, don't cha think?

I will be getting a new table runner ready for stitching this morning.  

ABOVE:  I'm still at the 'putting it all together' stage.  Can you tell it's gunna be chickens?  😊

I'm looking forward to working on it.

Right, time to get moving... catch ya later.

I got a message last night from the Waikato District Health Board, saying I would need to re-book my 2nd Covid vaccination.

Great.  I ring the number at 8 am this morning ... get put on hold for half an hour, then finally get to talk to someone.

She puts me on hold to check 'something' and then... she hangs up on me!

So I go online, hoping I can re-book there.

SUCCESS!  I now have my new (read THIRD) appointment for my 2nd jab.  I hope like hell it actually happens, Thursday next week.

I've never wanted an injection MORE!

I'm now off to me sewing room...

ABOVE: This is what takes the most time!  Cutting out all the fiddly little bits of fabric.  Finding the 'right' fabric also takes freakin ages.

ABOVE:  I'm making good progress.  And I've only stabbed myself in the tit twice so far, and me fingers and thumbs... oh about 10 times.

FUN.  Not.  I hate pins.

ABOVE:  SPARKLING:  Well that's simple!  I have pins holding shit together, and when I move the  runner around and around to stitch friggin curves, the pins can stick out... and that is how I end up with a pin poking me in the tit!

COVID UPDATE: 8 new cases is Auckland and 3 in Wellington.  They are all linked to a returnee who arrived in the country from Australia, who had the Delta variant of Covid 19.

AND the entire country is still in Level 4 Lockdown until at least Tuesday night.  

So... after watching the new update, it's time to get back to me sewing.

9.45 pm:  Dinner this evening was chicken steaks and wedges.  A simple Friday night dinner.

Watching telly till bedtime.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. What? Bummer you had to reschedule. The vaccines are needed now more than ever in your world!

    1. Where do you live? I find it interesting how different areas are so strict or acting like it doesn't exist at all.

    2. Christine lives in Virginia, Minnesota.

  2. I have to get tested (was in a location of interest) any my grandson goes to Lynfield College so they all have to get tested and isolate. Happy days. Thank goodness I am vaccinated!!

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Crazy times over there thats for sure! We had a trip planned home from QLD to Auckland in October :( to see family. We have both had our second jabs. My second one gave me a sore arm for a few days and i was a little tired. Good luck over there team NZ! Bee - Gold Coast

  4. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Hi Chris, yesterday you mentioned a new TV channel with crime and police dramas on it - which channel is it because I couldn't find it on the online TV guide. Probably need it even more if the lockdown is extended. Thanks, Audrey, Rotorua

    1. Channel 210, Universal TV

    2. Audrey, it is a SKY channel.

    3. Anonymous4:42 PM

      Thanks, Chris. I looked up Universal and realised that it is Sky which we don't have. We used to but unlike Stew, my husband Chris isn't interested in watching sport so we got Netflix and Neon and cancelled Sky. Maybe I need to think about it again. Audrey

  5. Chris I’m in Melbourne, been in lockdown for 6th time, I’m fully vaccinated but we have five reasons only for leaving home and one of them is to be vaccinated.

  6. How do you stab yourself in ya tit, woman?

  7. Another few more days of having lunches with your man!!

  8. Hiya, commenting back on my computer as my blooming phone wont let me as I changed email addresses, anyhoo, hope you have a quiet lockdown weekend, no case in Canterbury that we know of as yet, but students at Lincoln University have been receiving a scam message saying they have tested positive, crazy nutters out there! Stay safe xx

  9. Leeann5:42 PM

    You can use a fabric glue stick to hold your applique in place or Roxannes glue baste it, instead of pins. Or fuse with Vliesofix or steam a seam 2.

  10. Have you tried glue stick to hold your appliqué down as you sew. Just kids glue stick for an extra firm hold a light iron helps and it does gum the needle and washes out

  11. Thank you for explaining the tit - I, too, was wondering.
    Did the guy do the 2 weeks quarantine ? How did this happen? More info is needed.
    I have been in "lock down" for a year and a half - basically. We are not going anywhere. No restaurants, movies, indoor events. I work from home. Use mask and hand sanitizer when we shop. Curbside pickup is good. I have even mastered the art of ordering on the McDonalds app and having it delivered to parking spot #3!

    1. The person who was the start of this latest outbreak was in isolation, but got transferred to a hospital... and the rest is history. At least that's what we have gathered from the information out there.

    2. That makes even less sense. What in the world? How do you go from a Hospital to become a super spreader? Oh well, we may never know!

  12. I'm always poking myself too. I see a lot of people using those clips now but that wouldn't work for applique I don't think.


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