Friday, August 06, 2021



Just don't use ya sewing scissors!

ABOVE:  Love our family so much, thanks for all your support.

Stew has today off work, we both need this time to decompress and just BE.
It's been a long process, getting everything in our lives sorted out.
Now?   It's done.

Moving on... we shall probably just lie here in bed for a while, being lazy buggers.  😉😊😅

ABOVE: Donuts bought and delivered to our lovely lawyer. We are now heading out to Raglan for lunch. Just the two of us. 

Because our decision to drive out to Raglan was impromptu, we didn't really go prepared for how cold it was!
We arrived, had a quick wander around the shops, then ducked into a cafe for lunch, just to get out of the weather.

ABOVE: Tony Sly (local potter) recommended The Shack, so we went there.
Under impressed.
We felt the menu was quite limited to OUR tastes.
We ended us ordering the only burger on the menu.  It was not worth taking a photo of.
Tasted OK.  But very basic.

ABOVE: A few snaps of the harbour.  I couldn't tell if the tide was on it's way in, or out.  It was just COLD.
Only too happy to get back in the car and come home really.

It's now 2.45 pm and we are both snuggled up in our lounge chairs, practising being old.  😂😅😊

7 pm:  And OMG what a lazy afternoon.  Just what we needed.
I have literally not moved off my chair, though I do believe I shall have to soon, or I will be sitting in a puddle!  😆😅😂

Roast chicken and salads for dinner, rather yum.

So, dinner was quite nice.  Then we watched some TV, Coronation Street for me, and sport for Stew.  Gosh, just a normal evening here.
Looking forward to a lovely weekend.


  1. Love you mum and dad, thanks for being there for me and my fam xxx

  2. Definitely not sewing scissors but love the message.
    Family photo is a lovly shotand no goofy faces etc

  3. 😋 doughnuts!! I’m over here in NSW lockdown and googled the flavours they had, hope you got one for yourselves too. Enjoy your day.

  4. Enjoy Raglan, can’t wait to visit there again. Glad everything was resolved in your favour. All the good vibes were sent your way ❤️

  5. LOL at that meme. Glad to hear it's over and done. You have such a beautiful family and so much love there.

  6. After a long process so pleased it’s done you and Stew now deserve peace and quiet long may THAT continue.

  7. Sounds like a lovly day just wat u both deserve

  8. It sounds like the perfect end to the week. Have a lovely weekend ahead 🙂

  9. Just wanted to say that I'm happy that whatever was going on for so long is finally over. I'm just going to assume it was a family thing that was causing you so much heartache. And I will never understand how a family member could do mean things to such a wonderful mom and grandma. You inspire me all of the time with your writing and I think your family is very lucky to have you in it.


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