Saturday, August 21, 2021


 Stew and I are both going grocery shopping this morning.

He's getting stuff for us, while I am doing Brylee's shopping.

She isn't allowed to drive until her shoulder issue is resolved, so can't do it herself.

We will be fully masked up, and using hand sanitiser everywhere we go.

Back to being on 'high alert'.

After being told I had to re-book my 2nd Covid vaccination, I got a text and email yesterday reminding me of my Covid appointment TODAY.

WTF?  So, I am going to turn up for my 2nd jab this afternoon, and see what happens.  The worst that can happen is they will tell me to go home and come back next Thursday!

ABOVE:  Just a couple of funnies to start the day.

9.40 am:  Back from the supermarket.  No queues at our local Countdown, thank goodness.

ABOVE:  There was plenty of loo paper, but frustratingly, low on fresh veges and meat!
And NO flour.
There were lots of gaps in the aisles, empty shelves here and there, but not alarming.

ABOVE:  You are supposed to only go to the supermarket for essentials right?  Well that fulla must live on beer.  He only had beer in his trolley.

It's a dreary day out there, and cold.  Nice to be 'stuck' inside actually.
Stew is going to do some gardening, the weeds are winning at the moment.

ABOVE:  I'm on the home straight with this one!  I'm probably going to do another one, cos this was FUN.  😉😊

ABOVE:  And it's finished.  I finally feel like I've got my mo-jo back.
First 'finish' in  MONTHS.  

2.50 hours till I will either get my 2nd Covid jab or not... and I'm not even feeling nervous!  That's a bloody miracle.

ABOVE:  Guess what?
After being totally opposed to doing it to begin with, I'm so very happy I did it!
Today I literally walked in, sat down, filled in the form and was taken straight into the booth and got me jab!   I was in and out of there within 15 minutes.

I have been warned I might have more after effects this time around.  Well... apart from a sore arm, I had none the first time around.
So I'm not anticipating any this time either.

Now, it's time for me to start preparing dinner.
Tonight Stew and I are having sausages, smashed potatoes, baked carrot and onion and ?  Maybe peas!  Cos I love peas.

LYNDA:  I'm sure I replied to your question in a comment a while ago... but YES.  Stew is also fully vaccinated as of a week ago.

ABOVE: Stew has worked outside literally all day!
He got all the weeding done, the edges trimmed, lawns mown, hedges trimmed and he also water blasted that path down the side of the house where the dogs run.

It was full of weeds, mould and dog piddle.  It was DISGUSTING in other words.
Look at it now!
Amazing what a water blaster can do.
Thank you Darling for keeping our home so beautiful.

We had no peas.  So had to eat cauliflower and broccoli instead.  But, dinner was delicious, so all good.


  1. Your new runner looks great! So cute. Glad to hear the supermarket experience wasn't too bad. It is amusing me that liquor shops are seen as an "essential service" and can do contactless deliveries ... since when is alcohol an essential commodity?

  2. OMG! Yesterday, I could NOT tell that those were chickens. Now - they are the cutest ever!
    When our lockdowns went into effect 1.5 years ago - liquor stores were allowed to stay open. Many people pondered the necessity of that. But - apparently there are so many alcoholics that they would all go through withdrawal and wind up in Emergency Rooms. The LAST thing they want during a pandemic. So drink up and stay home!
    Now, waiting to see if they gave you your jab!

  3. You may need a Cricut. (for cutting fabric shapes)

    Sorry, Stew!

  4. I did a shop on Thursday morning and bought wine (amongst other stuff) it was 9am & I felt like such a wino 😂

  5. If they closed down the bottle shops there would be riots! Love the chicken runner.

  6. Kiwionholidays3:04 PM

    Hope you’ve had the Covid needle done today Chris
    Stay safe n warm .
    We are in full lockdown so trying to keep up with stuff we need to do at home so all good

    Cheers 🥂

  7. Anonymous4:47 PM

    The second pfizer shot is known as the one that you are more likely to experience side effects from - even if you had none first time round. A key tip to help is to stay really well hydrated

  8. That's great to get the vaccination over with -- is Stew getting done? You've not mentioned that.

    1. Sorry, didn't see your reply. That's good to hear.

  9. Loving the chickens
    My first day off we have been deep cleaning and sanitising client buildings last one done n dusted yesterday has been stressful to say the least x

  10. I had no worse affects after the 2nd shot.

  11. Chickens look great. Can’t believe there is an outbreak over there now. We are doing well in Queensland after our little outbreak a few week back and down to zero now, but seeing the numbers in Sydney I feel like it’s only a matter of time! Love your chooks :)

  12. The path looks amazing!

  13. Congrats! Did you get Pfizer!? I was OK until the next day, then sick as for three days but still SO HAPPY I GOT DONE!!!

  14. Yes Pfizer. I'm hoping I am just fine, Stew was.

  15. Yippee well done! Welcome to the fully vaxxed club. So bloody thankful that I am now!

  16. Congratulations! My hubby and I were double vaccinated when our daughter came to visit - she'd had 1 vaccination - next day she tested positively for Covid. No symptoms to speak of. BUT....we didn't get it!! So hurrah for the injections which worked well for us.

  17. PS! I am in the UK and had the AstraZeneca.

  18. Yay you! I can't have my second one till November but that's not far off. Those pavers look great, we need ours done as well.

  19. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Stew is a machine lol. I'm sure there's a day of sport lurking like you say lol. I only needed a few things so went to the dairy nearby. They're lovely people and I only spent $25 lol. Don't need much when I live alone. I have heaps of spring cleaning to do here but the thought was fleeting. Think I'll be doing some more handspring and feeling sorry for myself lol. Hugs to both of you. Kj


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